How to be a Supportive Partner: Top Tips for Guys

, How to be a Supportive Partner: Top Tips for Guys

When your girlfriend is upset, there are two ways to comfort her. On the one hand, she needs emotional support through your words. On the other hand, she needs to feel protected and safe, which is facilitated by the physical expression of support. If you combine both approaches correctly, a change in her mood will not be long in coming.

If you plan on meeting single girls online, these tips on support are extremely valuable.

Ask what happened

No matter what you think about it, keep your opinion to yourself for now. Let her talk and tell the whole story. Just nod your head to indicate that you are listening carefully, and insert short comments from time to time, if appropriate. If she doesn’t want to tell you anything, don’t insist. Sometimes girls just don’t want to talk about the reasons for their worries. If that’s the case, just tell her that you are there and let her cry.

Support, do not be lenient

It doesn’t matter if you agree with her arguments or not. Just try to convince her that you are ready to be there. Take her to a safe place and tell her that if she wants to cry, it’s okay. Tell her that you are on her side.

Refrain from advice

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Most people get upset when there are no easy solutions. So don’t try to offer them to her. Most likely, she has already thought about everything, and your advice will only make her think again and again that the situation is simply “hopeless.”

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Show empathy and show that her emotions are valuable

This can be especially difficult, but letting her talk can help her gain control of her emotions. Help her express her feelings openly instead of giving examples from your own experience.

Maintain a positive attitude

It is very important. Support her by constantly reminding her that sooner or later everything will change for the better. She will seek your advice, so be careful not to get negative. Bring positive energy into the conversation, and then she will slowly, but surely, feel better about it.

Try not to downplay her problems or speak down to her

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At the end of the day, remember that you are not there to magically fix everything, but to support her. If you say “it doesn’t matter,” or “I’ve been through this too,” she will get the impression that you are not taking her seriously.

Be patient until she can control her emotions

This does not mean that you need to behave passively. Watch, wait, and seize the moment when the time comes to act. Depending on how upset your girlfriend is, it will take her a while to open up. You can only understand when it is better to act through communication. Constantly ask if she is ready to talk.

Support through physical contact

Light touches work wonders. They release a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone enhances feelings of connection, affection, trust, and intimacy. If you are holding hands, use your thumb to stroke her fingers or the back of her hand. You can put your hand on her shoulder or in the area of ​​the shoulder blades – the effect will be the same.

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