How to back up a Laptop PC

, How to back up a Laptop PC

There are a lot of people out there that ignore data security in regards to their laptops. The value of our data is a lot more than the value of the instrument hardware.

Therefore, laptop backup is crucial. A proper backup is the only thing that can save you from losing all the significant data from your laptop. It is not too difficult to begin immediately. There are many ways to take backup of data on your laptop and operating system. All of them have their pros and cons. It is also a good idea to have more than a single backup for being safe.


  1. USB stick


The USB sticks are cheap, small, and extremely convenient. They are available everywhere and due to their portability, it is simple to store them safely. But it is also quite simple to lose them. Although there are some questions regarding their ability to take more than a certain number of reading and writing cycles, this is an important method to be considered together with other backup methods. The main advantages are that they are portable, cheap, and can transfer the data to other resources easily.


  1. External hard disks


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The external hard drives are exactly what they sound like. These are hard drives that exist away from your computer. It means they may be plugged into other resources. When you are using external hard drives for backup, it is a good idea to not use them in the form of extra every day hard drives. These hard drives have a lot of storage space available for large files and they are comparatively cheap. You can find even more tips about cheap ways to do this by reading personal finance books.

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  1. Network-attached storage solutions


Businesses tend to take backup of their files to network-attached storage. However, as there are many homes out there that have multiple computers this idea comes with a certain appeal typically for the experts that are looking to save their files onto more than a single resource. As the prices are coming down you will find the dedicated wireless storage solution to be a convenient alternative that needs a lot less thought. There is an automatic backup which means there is no risk of forgetting. The wireless solutions available also work with tablets and phones. There is a problem here though. These solutions can be awkward to set up and maintain and may be expensive. You might even feel anxious about it, however, no worries, you can find ways on how to overcome being overwhelmed.


  1. Cloud storage


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Although the network-attached storage solutions are your Cloud Servers, you can find a lot of third-party cloud storage alternatives available including paid, free, and free with paid extras. There are many big names out there such as Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, and Google Drive but other alternatives are also available. This method also works automatically and a certain quantity of space is normally available for free. The devices used are agnostic but require an internet connection for working.





Using a secure VPN connection to take backup of your data

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Generally taking backup of your data is done periodically in case you have important data on the laptop. But taking a backup to a cloud means risking the data to be breached or accessed by irresponsible people like hackers. The hackers can intercept data transmission at the time of the backup process and copy it onto their servers. Due to this, it is significant to maintain your connection completely secure by using a secure VPN connection at the time of the backup process for preventing third parties from accessing your data. More the data you store by using cloud storage, the more significant it will be for you to encrypt this data transmission with a secure VPN connection. You can learn more about VPNs online. It also ensures that the data syncs across various devices privately and securely.

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Whatever method you use for taking backup of your data, just ensure that you do it. Keep in mind that it is smart to consider using more than a single solution especially for the life-or-death files. Many times people do not take into account what will happen if their valuable files get lost till it is too late.  That’s why it is important to encrypt your data transmission via a secure VPN connection. Never commit the mistake of being careless about your data collection and instead use the methods above to ensure that your files are maintained safely and are accounted for.

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