How Much Money Do I Need For My Trip To Vietnam?

How Much Money Do I Need For My Trip To Vietnam?
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Vietnam is a promised land to foreign tourists because of the country’s unique attractions in terms of nature, culture or history, not to mention cheap and diverse travel services. Basically, the average amount of money spent by tourists is about 50-70 USD in exchange for mid-range tourism services, including standard accommodation, meals, transportation fees, and fees. is different.

However, costs vary widely among tourist attractions, and typically prices in the North of Vietnam are more expensive than in the South. Here are some tips and estimates for travelers on a tight budget to enjoy a fun trip in Vietnam.


Like other tourist destinations in the world, Vietnam has two main types of accommodation: affordable and luxurious. In general, the room rates of budget hotels fluctuate around 25-35 USD per night, while luxury hotels are more diverse with the average price higher than 60 USD per night. If tourists choose to stay in more modest accommodations such as motels and guest houses, the price will be much cheaper, about 15-25 USD per night.
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There are many ways to travel around and between destinations in Vietnam. The recommended mode of transportation for foreigners is a taxi with an average price of 8,000-10,000 VND/km (0.4 – 0.48 USD/km). Another way is that you can use a motorbike taxi (Xeom) for about 6,000-8,000 VND (0.28-0.38 USD) lower, in case you know how to bargain and get a deal. For intercity travel, you have more options to pick up, which are bus, train and air. Vietnam domestic airfare is about 60-150 USD/flight depending on airline and distance. Train fare ranges from 5 – 60 USD while bus fare is a bit lower with 4 – 50 USD.
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In Vietnam, the cost of a meal at a local restaurant is very reasonable. With typical Vietnamese dishes, the price is quite low around 1 – 5 USD / dish, and if visitors want to try the special dishes of some specific destinations, they will definitely be charged more. depending on the rarity and availability of the dish. . In general, the average cost for main meals (lunch and dinner) in Vietnam is around 8-15 USD/person, while breakfast more or less is 3-4 USD/person.

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Other costs

That is the entrance fee to local attractions, the cost of souvenirs, and other additional costs. It’s really hard to estimate how much to spend on this space, however, usually the entrance fee to local attractions is less than 5 USD per person (except the premium playground) and souvenirs are only worth approx. 2 – 10 USD per object (depending on your bargaining power).

Bottom line: You can get $25 a day in Vietnam with food and accommodation. Recommended budget for a 10-day trip to Vietnam, excluding round-trip airfare, is at least $600.

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