How has Vietnam improved its global ranking in English proficiency?

, How has Vietnam improved its global ranking in English proficiency?

Vietnam has demonstrated a noteworthy advancement in its global English proficiency ranking, securing the 58th position out of 113 non-native English-speaking countries, as reported by the Education First (EF) English Proficiency Index (EPI).

This Southeast Asian nation attained a score of 505 out of 800, marking a notable three-point increase from the previous year and surpassing the global average. This achievement places Vietnam in the “moderate proficiency” category, aligning with 32 other nations. In contrast, in 2021, the country fell into the “low proficiency” group with a score of 486.

Specifically focusing on the Red River Delta, particularly Hanoi, this region boasts the highest English proficiency in Vietnam, with men exhibiting superior performance compared to women.

On a global scale, Vietnam secures the 7th position among 23 Asian countries and territories. Leading the continent, Singapore claims the second spot worldwide with a “very high proficiency” index. Notably, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Hong Kong are classified under the “high proficiency” category.

EF reports a slight dip in English proficiency on average in South and Southeast Asia, with India experiencing a gradual decline in its English proficiency levels over the years.

Shifting focus to Central Asia, English proficiency remains low and stable, accompanied by higher-than-average gender gaps favoring men in nearly every country within the region. In East Asia, there has been a notable decrease in adult English proficiency over the past four years.

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On a global scale, the Netherlands maintains its prestigious top position, closely followed by Singapore, Austria, Denmark, and Norway.

The 2023 edition of the EPI was meticulously crafted by EF through the analysis of results obtained from 2.2 million adults who participated in its SET English tests last year.

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