How Flux Accounting uses credit lines to recruit employees quickly

How Flux Accounting uses credit lines to recruit employees quickly

How Flux Accounting uses credit lines to recruit employees quickly

Chase Vowell, the owner and CEO of Flux Accounting in San Diego, California, is looking for a way to accelerate his business growth. “We have a lot of customers coming in, but due to our large number of people, we can’t join them as soon as we hoped.” Given that Flux is trying to attract 2-5 new customers every month, recruitment is a top priority. However, using only income and cash flow, he must wait until reserves increase before he can be hired. At that time he began to look for commercial credit lines to get rid of this cyclical dilemma.

Chase Vowell of Flux Accounting

As an avid QuickBooks user, he checked the QuickBooks App Store for some ideas. At that moment, he found Fundbox. Fundbox was integrated into QuickBooks and received good reviews, so he decided to give it a try. “I remember getting onboard is very easy. The setup of QuickBooks is seamless,” he said.

Once he was approved and started using Fundbox, he was impressed. “The interface is very user-friendly,” he said. “Absolute transparency is amazing, it is rare,” he added. As the person in charge of an accounting firm, he is also very concerned about the integration of QuickBooks. a lot of. “I particularly appreciate the way you can use Fundbox in QuickBooks. The integration is very clean.”

For Chase and Flux Accounting, the best thing is the impact of Fundbox on his business. “We can hire earlier now, so when we enter the busy period, our employees have already been trained, and our customers will not see service interruptions.”

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Solutions like Fundbox are where Chase sees his practice develop in the future. “This is the future of Cloud Accounting,” he explained. “Everything is related to the accounting platform. You reduce manual work, so you can focus on value-added consulting with customers.”

Learn how Fundbox’s credit line can also help you, get cash quickly when you need it to hire additional employees.

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