Home Credit wins big at Vietnam HR Award 2022 thanks to this HR strategy

, Home Credit wins big at Vietnam HR Award 2022 thanks to this HR strategy

On the evening of November 22, Home Credit was honored in 3 (three) out of 5 (five) categories – becoming one of the businesses that won the most award categories at the Vietnam HR Awards 2022.

Home Credit and HR strategy for sustainable development

Home Credit is focused on creating opportunities for all, nurturing diverse talents and creating a work environment where everyone is valued and cared for.

HR strategy helps Home Credit win big at Vietnam HR Award 2022 - Photo 1.HR strategy helps Home Credit win big at Vietnam HR Award 2022 - Photo 1.

Home Credit honors individuals who demonstrate excellent leadership qualities in the second quarter of 2022

Home Credit is one of the pioneers in building a working environment that promotes inclusion, and equality, and attracts and accompanies diverse talents, especially the digital transformation workforce to support businesses’ careers in the future. The promotion of diversity (Diversity), equity (Equity), inclusion (inclusion), and inclusion will help Home Credit adapt to changes and pioneer.

“In parallel with balancing tangible diverse characteristics such as gender, age, and nationality, Home Credit also promotes intangible diversity characteristics such as field expertise and work background. We always optimize the strategies of Build – Recruit (Buy) – Outsource sustainable talent to acquire new capabilities and enhance the strengths of the organization”, Ms. Alexis Pham – Director HR at Home Credit shared.

Home Credit and the innovation strategy of human resource management model

Home Credit not only focuses on digital transformation for business activities, but also digitizes the entire operating process of personnel, contributing to creating a stable working environment as well as enhancing the working experience. of employees at the company.

In 2022, Home Credit has successfully developed and deployed Candidate Mobile App (CMA) – the first mobile application for candidates. Through this smart mobile application, candidates will experience the online recruitment and integration process. In addition, Home Credit also successfully implemented an electronic signature (e-Signature) to help all employees sign contracts on an online platform, and employees also easily access documents contract through OpenText – a cloud-based data management solution.

Not stopping there, investing in developing a quality staff through training, coaching and consulting is also an important factor in determining the success of the Digital Transformation process. Home Credit aims to build a sustainable capable workforce through hybrid and online training solutions that build on top challenges facing employees’ job completion and future skills to realize the organization’s long-term plan.

Home Credit and talent strategy

With the motto that people are the most valuable asset of the organization, Home Credit’s strategies for planning and attracting talent are built in the short, medium and long term. All steps in the process of attracting, recruiting and integrating are focused, ensuring the best experience for candidates and employees when joining Home Credit.

Along with the strategy of attracting high-quality talents with many years of experience in the market, Home Credit also invests in nurturing young talents. Young talent incubation programs such as Home Racer with opportunities to work and be guided by domestic and international experts and senior leaders, help Home Credit be trusted by young people as a good place to work development in the field of digital finance.

HR strategy helps Home Credit win big at Vietnam HR Award 2022HR strategy helps Home Credit win big at Vietnam HR Award 2022

The interest and development of internal human resources is also the key to helping Home Credit to catch up with the changing trend. Home Credit always creates conditions for each member at the business to challenge, experience and break through their own limits.

Home Credit is proud to be the first consumer finance enterprise to be honored at the Vietnam HR Awards 2022, including 3 categories: HR strategy for sustainable development, innovation strategy for human resource management model talent strategy. The award is a great motivation to recognize the business’s unremitting contributions and efforts in investing in employees and the effectiveness of HR policies and solutions that Home Credit offers, in order to help improve employee performance high quality of work and life for employees. Since then, contributing to the company’s overall performance, gaining the trust of more than 14 million Vietnamese customers, and developing together with the community.

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