Hoi An: The Historic City

Hoi An, Vietnam

Located in the province of Quang Nam, a short 30km South of Da Nang, Hoi An is a very popular tourist destination worldwide. Formerly called Fai Ho, Hoi An is considered a living museum, and in December 1999 it was indexed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

History of Hoi An

The history of Hoi An is displayed in all its splendour through its unique architecture. Buildings and streets still bear the footprints of Ancient Vietnam with touches of Chinese, Japanese, and French cultures. Some houses are built of concrete; and others of jackfruit wood which is surprisingly very solid. Near the coast, when visiting Hoi An you will not only enjoy the sea but also a heritage preserved over the years.

One of the wonders to discover in Hoi An is the Chua Cau, also known as the Japanese Covered Bridge. This monument is known to connect neighbourhoods inhabited by Japanese and Chinese communities. Each end of the bridge is guarded by a pair of wooden adoration statues in the form of a dog and a monkey. According to Japanese belief, these animals are considered to be sacred animals, being able to control the sea monster.

Handicraft in Hoi An

While strolling along Hoi An’s streets adorned with lanterns, you will be immersed in some of Vietnam’s finest cultural and culinary experiences. There are a number of merchants, antique shops, corner cafes, and markets to name a few. The Hoi An market includes numerous craft products as well as traditional dishes with flavours unique to the region.

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Hoi An has one of the highest concentrations of tailors per capita in the world (over 200). Many tourists flock to Vietnam with their sights set on this town for this very reason.


Not all recommendations of tailors will be reliable. When you arrive, inquire with other travellers about where they got their clothing made.

Nightlife in Hoi An

Hoi An has bistros, cafes, and bars that all stay open long into the night. These are all concentrated in and around the Ancient Town and the riverside, making these a short walking distance to one another. Talk a walk from one bar to the next, take advantage of the numerous drinks specials, and find other expats and locals joyously enjoying the smalltown atmosphere.

Beaches in Hoi An

Hoi An is also known for its white-sand beaches and picturesque palm-tree-lined views. During your stay, you can simply enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, or enjoy more adventurous activities including water skiing, jet skiing, surfing, kite surfing, and more. You can also explore the rich underwater flora and fauna during a dive, as well as visit the nearby islands.


Be sure to check the typical weather forecast if you are only visiting the town for a short period. The weather throughout the year in Hoi An can fluctuate between rain and cold, hot and mild, and calm.

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