Hoi An empty due to Covid-19

, Hoi An empty due to Covid-19

Hoi An Town has become quiet after local authorities closed the pedestrian area on May 4.

The move was carried out after a community case was found to have travelled to many places in Hoi An and Danang. The pedestrian area will be closed until further notice.

A cafe owner on Bach Dang Street said he was only able to sell three cups of coffee and decided to close the shop for the rest of the day. “Lots of tourists came during the holiday but after the new cases, everyone disappeared. I thought tourism would pick up but no one could predict this. I hope the outbreak can be contained soon for the summer holiday,” he said.

During the Reunification Day Holiday on April 30, Hoi An received as many as 1,000 visitors a day even though five events had been cancelled for precautions.

The average occupancy rate was 80%. 7,000 people stayed in Hoi An overnight, three times higher than the same period last year and accounting for half the visitors during 2019’s Reunification Day Holiday.

This article was originally published in dtinews

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