Ho Chi Minh City will add bus to Tan Son Nhat airport

In the coming time, the Department of Transport of Ho Chi Minh City will study and work with relevant units to ensure that at least 3 bus routes operate at Tan Son Nhat airport to serve the travel needs of residents and visitors.

On June 20, Mr. Do Ngoc Hai, Head of Road Transport Management Department, said that in April, the department arranged two bus routes 152 and 72-1 that were allowed to enter the domestic station in lane B to pick up and drop off passengers instead of just doing it at the international terminal as before.

Specifically, bus route 152 operates with a frequency of 76 trips/day with ticket prices of 5,000 VND/passenger/ticket and 3,000 VND/student/ticket; Bus route 72-1 operates with a frequency of 12 trips/day, with fares from 180.00-200,000 VND/ticket.

However, according to Mr. Hai, there are still two limitations for the operation of these two bus routes at Tan Son Nhat airport. The first is that the bus only operates until 9:30 pm, so passengers will not be able to travel by bus if they land at the airport on night flights.

“In fact, the bus units can arrange to run at night, but due to the small number of passengers, they have not been arranged to run at this time,” Mr. Hai said.

Talking about the second restriction, Mr. Hai said that in the past time, the number of passengers going to and coming through the airport was equal to the time before the epidemic, so the number of cars in and out to pick up passengers was crowded, the number of passengers passing through the airport was about 100,000 people/day and time before the epidemic was 120,000 people/day.

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Therefore, to avoid congestion at the airport, the bus can’t stop waiting for a long time, but only picks up and drops off passengers for about 3 minutes and leaves.

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“Previously, there was a bus route 109 operating in the airport, but it was temporarily suspended during the recent Covid-19 epidemic. We will invite other units to replace this old route”, Mr. Hai informed.

Mr. Hai said that in the near future, the Department of Transport will continue to work with the parties to increase bus routes, ensuring that there are at least 3 bus routes operating in the airport to serve the travel demand of residents and tourists because this type of transport is much cheaper than technology cars and taxis.

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