Ho Chi Minh City – Nightlife

As an expat for several years in Ho Chi Minh City the city’s nightlife scene has gone through numerous transitions and makeovers, and gratefully in very positive directions.  When I first arrived here there were only a select few areas and series of nightclubs that were generally “The Spots” to enjoy each night.  Today there are so many more varieties of options to choose from, depending on the style of evening you are searching for.  There are now steady genres of parties and events in the genres of hip-hop, reggae, latin, rock and more.  With the increases of choices it opens up so much more to experience and enjoy, meeting people from all walks of life; avid backpackers, hipsters, young professionals, expats and citizens alike.

There are several sources for you to search for upcoming party event listings, the main ones being Anyarena, Party Live Saigon, and some in Vietnamese language only, featuring the top events targeting the local market such as Partyinsaigon.

The type of clubs very from the most upscale and prestigious such as Chill Sky Bar, or foreign-type bar like Lush and spaces such as Cargo bar that features the top live acts to date with international Indie Bands, Rock Bands, Reggae Bands at an average $5 entry.

If it is your very first time to Ho Chi Minh city then your best choice, to introduce you to the nightlife scene would be a PARTY TOUR. Party Tours Saigon (facebook.com/partytourssaigon) offers the best Party Tour on any given night. The magic of the tour is that you get to meet fellow travellers who are experiencing Saigon nightlife for the first time together. It gives you a chance to meet new people immediately while visiting the top nightclubs to party. The tour experience is preplanned by expert expat tour guides of the city that are fully knowledgeable about the large selection of which clubs are the best to go to each night of the week.

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Saigon has so much to offer. Big name artists are now more frequently coming to perform in Vietnam where before it was virtually unheard of. Artists such as the Far East Movement, Snoop Dogg, Grand Master Flash and DJ’ Jazzy Jeff to name a few. This is positive growth for the city’s nightlife and it seems the best is still to come.

Enjoy your time in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam! It’s a city like no other!

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