High-Volume Hiring: How You Can Make It Work

, High-Volume Hiring: How You Can Make It Work

, High-Volume Hiring: How You Can Make It Work

Mondays are usually busy for hiring managers and hiring services all around the world. Typically, what you do as the HR on a Monday morning is to get into your clean office, make yourself a decent cup of coffee or tea and open your computer to check your emails or ATS to see the job applications submitted by potential employees.

What if you open your computer to check your mail or ATS and see you’ve received over 100 job applications for a role that needs to be filled urgently? Can you still continue your daily routine of pouring yourself coffee or tea?

Can you stay dedicated throughout the process of scanning through over 100 job applications without hindering other productive activities?


High-Volume Hiring

We all know hiring or recruitment means the search for filling a vacant position in a business setting. High-volume hiring also means the same thing, but in this case, it involves filling vacant seats on a large scale within a short time.

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High-volume hiring is not something we often see because it is only necessary when the business is experiencing a surge in sales or the business is undergoing growth.

For HR, a high-volume hiring period is always the most hectic day at work, and you need to be at your very best to hire the right talent.

In order to achieve this, you need to put in place proper and effective hiring methods from job adverts to onboarding the new employees.

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Tips To Make High-Volume Hiring Work

1. Be Clear And Concise

Your job adverts will save you a lot of time if it is properly written. A clear and concise job advert will attract only qualified candidates.

Avoid clumsy write-ups which might confuse potential job seekers. Hiring a professional copywriter or hiring marketers should suffice for this role.

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Also, make sure to include the vision and mission of your organization; this will go a long way in telling candidates how the organization operates and attract them to apply.

Additionally, including pictures of any event that took place at the organization to showcase what your business is made of will help you attract only top talents, and you get to hire suitable candidates in high volume in less time.


2. Choose Your Sourcing Strategy

It’s time to face your fear. After a captivating and well-detailed job advert, then it is time to choose how to get your preferred candidates. We all know it is impossible to get over 100 employees at a single source, right?

You need to scout for candidates from different channels. So, use social media platforms and other reliable channels to source for potential employees.

You can also combine forces with reputable schools to interview qualified graduates for the open roles. You can also choose to use a government platform that helps the unemployed source qualified candidates.

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Additionally, you can use the foreigner employment method to scale up your workforce. Using foreigner employment means hiring qualified foreigners who can be invited by HR from their respective countries.

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3. Make Technology Your Friend

The pandemic period is just a perfect example of this. During the lockdown, there was high-volume hiring which put most of the clinic’s HR at alert. How did they survive the ordeal?

The use of technology and automation did save a lot of time and helped save most of the patients.

So, as HR, draft a good plan to make the hiring process easy. If you’ve had experience hiring in large volume, then consider yourself lucky as the hiring methods, and procedures you used back then can save you some time.

The use of ATS will help you scan through the CVs submitted and select only the few that followed the instructions on the job adverts; hence you get to deal with the qualified candidates only.

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High-volume hiring isn’t just the HR’s role, even though HR is the main person in charge. To hire in high volume effectively, then a combined effort should be proposed such that every employee will refer to a potential candidate that they know since a good employee will definitely know another good employee.

Additionally, it is not enough to hire in high volume but to make sure you hire capable and independent employees. Take your time to train them; remember each candidate will have a different assimilation rate and learning technique, so try to personalize the training as much as possible.


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