Here’s what to know about MeiVentures

, Here’s what to know about MeiVentures

The participation of MeiVentures investment fund in the technology startup community in Vietnam on the last days of 2021 will bring many opportunities for technology startups to break through and become “unicorn startups” worldwide.

The term “digital economy” in recent years has been frequently mentioned as an economic-development guideline for the 4.0 revolution in Vietnam. This is undeniably a promising term as it is still growing steadily and brings opportunities to many investment funds as well as startups.

“We are ready to accompany and assist the outstanding projects in Vietnam.”
, Here’s what to know about MeiVentures, Here’s what to know about MeiVentures

Mai Linh, CEO and Founder of MeiVentures

MeiVentures is a global investment fund, founded by Mrs. Mai Linh – GHN’s former CCO in Vietnam – who has more than 15 years of experience in establishing, managing, and mentoring technology startups. Thus, she has also been a senior staff, taking on many important roles in various large companies such as Coc Coc Business Director or Director of VTV GO.

MeiVentures is known as an early-stage investment for tech startups, acting as a strategic partner for both businesses as well as investors. The Fund is always searching for investment opportunities for potential and highly applicable projects such as digital transformation, which is a thorny issue for most businesses. Moreover, the potential of Blockchain is also a very interesting topic for MeiVentures.

“Vietnam is the next destination for MeiVentures. With more than 15 years of working and advising leading technology startups in Vietnam, I understand what they need to break through and turn the ideas into a realistic and highly practical product.” – Mai Linh, CEO and Founder of MeiVentures told Vietnam Insider.

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“In the early stages of the Vietnamese market, while working with the technology projects, my colleges and I will also seek and connect with startups that already had Blockchain application products to apply them into operation since Blockchain has a very high application potential.” she added.

Aim to become a launchpad for new startups.

, Here’s what to know about MeiVentures

, Here’s what to know about MeiVentures

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Besides providing values that MeiVentures built from Dubai to the startups in Vietnam, the fund also clearly allocates its role in collaborating with founders. Mrs. Mail Linh affirms that “MeiVetures is not simply a fund, but we also support startups in every step and improve them from the smallest factors in running a business because we understand the importance of building a sustainable value for both investors and startups. With a team that understands the insight of the startups and market, we offer consulting solutions on product development strategies, growth roadmaps, communication plans, and relationships in addition to operating capital from MeiVetures’ fund”.

Having known that in order to participate in the first round of the fund, the startups must go through the stage of appraisal and identifying the potential via the international standards with the participation of top advisors before being officially invested in finance and resource.

Mrs. Mai Linh’s team also has investment experts from multinational corporations and investment funds. Each individual has their own expertise, which can help to turn your ideas into reality, helping businesses become the “unicorn startups” to compete in the international market.

“Let us sow the seeds of the future.”

“We Seed Our Future” is the tagline of MeiVentures. This is also considered as a guideline in MeiVentures’ investment activities in the Vietnamese market. With the understanding of the startup community in Vietnam along with the desire to contribute to the country’s startup foundation, MeiVentures is confident to be ready to sow the seeds of the future, breakthrough, and then reach out to the whole world.

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Foreign investment into Vietnamese startups is predicted to increase although the COVID-19 pandemic has left negative impacts on the economy, according to our research.

Vietnam is considered a “rising star” in the region and will emerge as the third largest startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia by 2022 with more venture capital funds in the region pledging to pour early-stage capital into local startups, the report by Vietnam Insider showed.

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