Here’s the list of wealthiest people in Vietnam’s banking industry

, Here’s the list of wealthiest people in Vietnam’s banking industry

Numerous bank owners, bank executives, and their family members, particularly in the banking industry, have amassed substantial stock holdings, and their assets have expanded significantly in the last year.

It is noted that approximately 150 investors possess shares worth $43.5 million or more, an increase of 60 people as compared to a year earlier, Vietnam Investment Review report.

Ho Hung Anh, Techcombank

Currently, Ho Hung Anh, chairman of Techcombank, is the wealthiest person in the banking and financial industry, according to the stock exchange’s ranking system. He also indirectly owns more than 176 million of Masan Group (MSN) shares via a 47.56 per cent stake in Masan JSC, and indirectly owns more than 74.5 million MSN shares via a 47.56 per cent stake in Hoa Huong Duong Construction Co., Ltd. He also holds more than 39.3 million Techcombank shares.

Do Anh Tuan, Kienlongbank

Do Anh Tuan, a fresh face in the banking and financial industry is the next winner. He was promoted to the position of deputy general director of Kienlongbank last year. His holdings in Kienlongbank’s stock total almost 18 million, or 4.97 per cent of the bank’s charter capital.

Tuan, on the other hand, is better known as the chairman of Sunshine Group, and his wealth mostly comes from this corporation. He presently owns more than 243.7 million Sunshine Group’s shares, 162.7 million KSFinance Group’s shares, and 8.5 million SCG Construction’s shares, according to public records.

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Tuan is also the fifth-richest person in Vietnam’s stock market, surpassing both Bui Thanh Nhon of Novaland and Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao of Sovico Holdings/Vietjet in terms of wealth.

Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, HDBank

Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, a female billionaire, is the third-wealthiest individual in the banking industry, according to Forbes. Her stake in HDBank and Vietjet Air was valued at more than $1.44 billion by the end of 2021 based on the number of shares she holds.

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Nguyen Duc Thuy, LienVietPostBank

Nguyen Duc Thuy is ranked fourth overall. Thuy formally entered the banking market last year as vice chairman of the board of directors of LienVietPostBank.

His holdings are mostly concentrated in Thai Holdings. Thuy’s assets come from his ownership of more than 34.2 million of LienVietPostbank’s shares and more than 87 million Thai Holding’s shares.

Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy, the fifth-wealthiest person in the banking sector, is Ho Hung Anh’s wife. She holds more than 174 million shares of Techcombank and more than 5.6 million shares of Masan Group.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam, Ho Hung Anh’s mother, has maintained her position in sixth place. She holds more than 174 million Techcombank shares.

Ngo Chi Dung, VPBank

Ngo Chi Dung, chairman of VPBank, was placed seventh with assets worth more than $339.1 million and more than 219 million of VPBank shares.

Hoang Anh Minh and Vu Thi Quyen, the eighth and ninth characters, are Ngo Chi Dung’s wife and mother, respectively. Ho Anh Minh, the son of Ho Hung Anh, is ranked tenth, with about 138 million Techcombank shares.

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By Tri Pam @ VIR

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