Here’s How Vietnam deals with threat of Omicron variant

, Here’s How Vietnam deals with threat of Omicron variant
  • Omicron cases doubling at least every 3 days, according to WHO
  • Vietnam’s Government chief orders faster vaccine rollout amid Omicron fear.

Vietnam’s Government Office has released Official Telegram No. 1745/CD-TTg of the Prime Minister on COVID-19 response amid fear of Omicron variant, the Vietnam Government News Portal reported.

There is clear evidence that Omicron variant is spreading significantly faster than Delta variant and fully vaccinated people are more likely to test positive for the new variant, according to the Official Telegram.

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Fast transmission rate can overwhelm the country’s healthcare system and lead to higher death rate, the Government chief warned.

Although there has been no Omicron case reported in Viet Nam, the number of daily COVID-19 cases, critically-ill patients and fatalities tend to increase, leading to overwhelming hospitals in several localities.

Given the situation, the Prime Minister ordered the Ministry of Health to closely monitor the development of pandemic and put forward necessary measures to prevent the healthcare system from being widely overloaded.

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The ministry was tasked to strengthen epidemiological surveillance in order to early detect the new variant.

All ministries, agencies and People’s Committees of provinces and cities have to strengthen the implementation of measures on COVID-19 prevention and control and strictly fine those who violate regulations on COVID-19 prevention and control.

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The Prime Minister urged the Ministry of Health and People’s Committees of provinces and cities to step up vaccine rollout as rapid as possible, including booster shots.

The Ministry of Health and People’s Committees of provinces and cities were required to strengthen the capacity of their medical systems of all administrative levels, according to Vietnam Government News Portal.

By Quang Minh.

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