Here’s how to transfer your money from Vietnam to overseas online

, Here’s how to transfer your money from Vietnam to overseas online

With the Online International Money Transfer feature, individuals can easily transfer tuition fees, medical fees, deposits, living expenses and allowances for those living abroad through the MBBank App on mobile phones with the limit up to 100,000 USD per transfer.

Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB) has recently launched an online international money transfer service on the MBBank App. The service, which is for retail customers, has made MB a leading bank in Vietnam that provides international money transfer services on digital channels. This move once again affirms the pioneering role of the Military Bank in the journey of digital transformation, facilitating safe and convenient transactions.

A representative of MB said that, instead of going to MB’s physical transaction counter, customers can make international money transfers anywhere via the MBBank App. This service is served for a variety of purposes, such as paying tuition fee deposit, medical expenses and living expenses for those who are living abroad with a limit of up to $100,000 (or other equivalent foreign currency) per transaction. All international money transfers on the MBBank App are secured with high safety.

, Here’s how to transfer your money from Vietnam to overseas online, Here’s how to transfer your money from Vietnam to overseas online

MB just launched “Online International Money Transfer” feature on the its mobile banking “MBBank” App

Time-saving is one of the most outstanding benefits offered by the international online money transfer service online on the MBBank App. Customers can actively open foreign currency accounts, upload documents, create money transfer orders and buy and sell foreign currencies with simple operations on the app. In addition, customers are entitled to consult preferential exchange rates and remittance fees before making transactions, as well as proactively monitor the status of application at MB until the transaction is successful.

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As one of the first customers to experience MB’s new service, Priority customer Nguyen Hai Quang highly appreciated the convenience and user-friendliness that the service brings. “I am very surprised that a Vietnamese bank can provide such an outstanding product. What I’m impressed the most is that I can completely take the initiative in completing the necessary procedures right on the app; everything is done in less than 30 minutes. It is convenient, user-friendly and time-saving. I can easily perform the transactions while hanging out with my friends” said Quang.

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Marking the launch of this preeminent service, MB would like to give customers a special offer: When performing online international money transfers, customers will receive up to 100% discount on money transfer fees by the end of March 2021. In addition, international money transfer fees between April 1, 2021 and the end of 2021 are also applied a discount of up to 50 percent by MB.

Customers can contact the nearest MB branch or hotline 1900 5454 26 for more information.

Contributed by Nguyen Hai Hien

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