Here are the best serene hideaways in Vietnam for wellness and yoga retreats you should know

, Here are the best serene hideaways in Vietnam for wellness and yoga retreats you should know

Fantasizing about a yoga session by the sandy beach or in the picturesque mountains from your office cubicles? Visit these heavens on earth to make that dream come true!

Looking for a soulful retreat for both your mind and body? Celebrating International Day of Yoga on June 21st, reveals peaceful destinations that set the perfect scene for your best yoga session yet. Even your breathing, relax your whole body for stretches, feel the world quiet down, and take in the perfect ambience and tranquility of these five amazing locales to channel your inner yogi.

Yen Tu Mount, Quang Ninh

Nestled in the mountainous area of North-eastern Vietnam, Yen Tu Mount is surrounded by dense bamboo and pine forests, and widely known as the cradle of Zen Buddhism in Vietnam. With picturesque landscape and a long-standing religious history, the road to Yen Tu is said to be the path to inner peace and self-contentment. Feel your worries melt away as you ascend to the mountain top, either on the tramway or by hiking, and take in the breathtaking view of Yen Tu National forest and huge fluffy clouds. There are numerous religious sites for visitors to come to pray and meditate, such as Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen Sect – the cradle of Buddhism in Northern Vietnam, Giai Oan Stream, Hoa Yen Pagoda, Hue Quang Tower, and Dong Pagoda.

, Here are the best serene hideaways in Vietnam for wellness and yoga retreats you should know, Here are the best serene hideaways in Vietnam for wellness and yoga retreats you should know

A yacht in Ha Long Bay of Quang Ninh

Where to stay: Located near Yen Tu Mount, the 5-star hotel of Legacy Yen Tu – Mgallery sets the perfect scene for your meditative, spiritual holiday. The property provides a wide range of meditation activities, from yoga classes, to yoga private lessons and breathing-focused sessions. Guests can also enjoy its spectacular 13th-century architecture, world-class hospitality, as well as a wide selection of fine-dining traditional and fusion dishes.

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Ba Be Lake, Bac Kan

Ba Be Lake wears the majesty of rugged mountains and mossy forests, and a soft, ethereal charm with clear water connecting heaven and earth. With serene natural landscape and rich ethinic cultures, Ba Ba Lake is a true hidden gem in Northeast Vietnam for those who want a yoga retreat off the beaten track. Visitors can choose to stay at spacious stilt houses of Tay people near the lake to feel the warmth and hospitality of the villagers. In addition to having some of the most relaxing yoga sessions, visitors can also enjoy traditional dishes of the mountainous area, try fragrant rice wine, canoeing, or fishing for a change of scenery.

Where to stay: Right on the shore of Lake Ba Be, Minh Quang homestay is a traditional-styled ethnic stay with gorgeous gardens and mountain views and a beautiful terrace. Guests can enjoy nature and quietness, go on boats on the lake, hike in the surrounding area, relax in the garden and use the barbecue facilities, and enjoy local cuisine as traditional Tay dinners are offered onsite.

Mai Chau, Hoa Binh

Mai Chau is an isolated area of traditional villages in a valley only 139km from Hanoi, with fantastic scenery of opposite charms. On the windy roads surrounding the cliffs, Mai Chau is enchanting and free-spirited. In between emerald green paddies and tranquil villages, Mai Chau presents an idyllic rural scene that is perfect for yoga enthusiasts to visit and free their mind.

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The scenery isn’t the only reason visitors flood to Mai Chau though; here you can find true budget accommodations run by ethnic minority families, purpose-built to give tourists the ’homestay’ experience, complemented by traditional cuisine, rice wine and dancing. Besides private rooms, the lodgings here also offer large communal rooms where you can sleep on a mat laid upon traditional bamboo floors for a unique getaway.

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Where to stay: Little Mai Chau Homestay is a wellness retreat that offers its guests a unique experience, with relaxation and comfort at the heart. Guests can choose between different room types, either with a private room or shared communal room, but one thing all rooms have in common is a refreshing view over green paddies and mountains to promote complete relaxation and tranquility. The property offers many options for guests to practice mindfulness and learn about local culture, including long meditation walks and cycling tours.

Cat Ba Island, Quang Ninh

Morning yoga by the beach. That’s it. That’s the ultimate meditative treat that all office workers are fantasizing about in their cubicles, and a trip to Cat Ba will give them just that and more! Rugged, jungle-clad Cat Ba is the largest island in Halong Bay, and although it has experienced a tourism surge in recent years, the island remains largely untouched and tranquil, with a welcomed addition of accommodations at different price points. Known for its beautiful, white sandy beaches and peaceful ambiance, Cat Ba is the perfect destination for travelers looking to rest and relax all the while taking time to experience nature.

, Here are the best serene hideaways in Vietnam for wellness and yoga retreats you should know, Here are the best serene hideaways in Vietnam for wellness and yoga retreats you should know

Cat Ba Island

Where to stay: Unplug and unwind at Blue Lagoon Cat Ba, a beautiful resort and retreat just a short walk from Tung beach. Each room is designed with natural elements and cozy wooden interiors that inspire feelings of serenity. Most rooms offer a great seaview, while other rooms are surrounded by the lush tropical gardens. Every morning, guests can enjoy relaxing yoga sessions on the terrace overlooking the sea and mountains to start the day. The onsite restaurant offers amazing local cuisine made with fresh seafood during the rest of the day.

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Ho Tuyen Lam, Da Lat

Da Lat became a popular holiday spot, away from the city’s heat from as early as the first half of the 20th century by French colonists. Boasting an alpine plus lakeside summer holiday town, Da Lat charms visitors with grand old hotels, retro villas with lush gardens, and perfect tranquility. One of the most iconic tourist sites in Da Lat is Truc Lam Zen Monastery, where yogis can catch a glimpse into the history of Zen Buddhism, the path to self-enlightenment, and inner peace. The monastery is located near Tuyen Lam Lake, a picturesque and distinctively quiet spot for travelers who seek idyllic surroundings to lose themselves in.

, Here are the best serene hideaways in Vietnam for wellness and yoga retreats you should know, Here are the best serene hideaways in Vietnam for wellness and yoga retreats you should know

“Early Mist” by Le Nguyen Huy, taken in the Central Highlands resort town of Da Lat, won the second prize.
The aerial photo shows the Pedagogical College of Da Lat and its surroundings bathed in sunrays drenched mist. The building, designed by French architect Paul Moncet, was built in 1927.

Where to stay: The Lake House Dalat is the perfect stay for travelers to indulge in rest and relaxation. The property is located right next to Tuyen Lam lake, giving it an unmatched view and ambiance for yoga sessions. The rooms are decorated in a bohemian style with vintage furniture. Guests can spend hours reading on a hammock, or in the terrace overlooking calm water, but rest assured that other activities including kayaking, canoeing, waterfall abseiling or hiking can also be enjoyed nearby.

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