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, Health care service
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Local hospitals in Vietnam are mostly public and heavily subsidized by the government. The low cost and quality of the processing means they are underpowered and some of them are in pretty bad shape. You may have another cold before you see your doctor.
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In the main cities, there are many private clinics, including those that provide international quality medical care. You will pay double or triple what you pay in public hospitals but for your health it’s worth the money of the insurance.

In rural areas, medical care is scarce and you will have a hard time finding a good clinic, let alone a hospital. Fortunately, there are hardly any reported cases of tourists falling into critical condition while they are hiking in the mountains or visiting a rural community.
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Take extra care when you’re traveling, however, in each city’s pages there’s a list of recommended medical services. Make a note of them, including their phone number and address if anything happens on the road and you don’t have access to the Internet.

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