In District 5, at the intersection of Nguyen Kim and Pham Huu Chi, plastic grass has been covering several light posts for around 3 months. Area residents have observed a significant reduction in the number of advertisements on electric poles due to the installation of plastic grass.

Likewise, on Tan Da Street, residents have reported a decline in haphazard advertising for the past 2 years since plastic grass was wrapped around the light and electric poles.

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Some use tape instead of glue to stick flyers over the plastic grass

Wrapping plastic grass on electric poles makes it more difficult to paste advertising paper because the plastic grass does not stick to the glue. However, those who post advertisements still find ways to post advertisements. In some places, flyers and stickers began to appear.

After a period of wrapping, the plastic grass has also started peeling off certain poles. Many people have begun to worry that after a while, the grass will get old and look unkempt.

Furthermore, plastic is not eco-friendly and can pose a fire hazard if there is an electrical short circuit. Meanwhile, the effectiveness of preventing advertising is still unclear.


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