HCMC will tighten its coronavirus restrictions in the next two weeks

, HCMC will tighten its coronavirus restrictions in the next two weeks
  • HCMC will tighten its coronavirus restrictions in the next two weeks, ramping them up in certain areas by banning people from leaving their homes.
  • The decision, issued by the Standing Committee of the HCMC Party Committee, came as the city has recorded over 48,800 local Covid-19 cases in the fourth coronavirus wave, with numbers rising for each passing day with little obvious signs of improvement.
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Two weeks under the social distancing order as dictated by Directive 16, which requires people to stay home unless to buy food, medications and other emergencies, infections in the city remain rampant especially in quarantine zones and locked down areas. As the number of cases increases, so does the burden on the healthcare system, stretching medical workers, equipment and infrastructure to the limit, said the municipal Party Committee.

To curb the spread of the virus, the city now require residents inside locked down areas to absolutely not make direct contact with those around them. People in such areas are only allowed to leave home in case of medical emergencies, and are limited to leave homes to buy essential food products only twice a week.

In certain high-risk areas, residents are banned from leaving homes entirely and local authorities would deliver food and other necessities directly to them instead.

The city would also suspend all business and production, as well as non-urgent construction sites. Banks and stock market facilities are only allowed to operate at an adequate level to meet necessary demands, including by dividing shifts. Government institutions would divide shifts among their workforce as well.

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Covid-19 checkpoints situated around the city would only allow certain vehicles, including those on official purposes, approved for transporting goods or those for the military.

Businesses in essential fields, such as medicine, food or gas, are still allowed.

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