HCMC should remain social distancing two more week. Here’s why

, HCMC should remain social distancing two more week. Here’s why
  • Standing Deputy Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Phan Van Mai thought the city ought to apply extra two-week social distancing.
  • City authorities will adopt new policies for the upcoming time on August 1 after evaluating the situation, said Mr. Mai.
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According to him, these policies will be taken with the consensus among all classes of people which is one of the decisive factors in the city’s successful fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

Above all, he expected each resident and each responsible agency to continue strictly applying the social distancing to August 1 by staying at home and not going out unnecessarily to help the southern metropolis prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The City’s Steering Board for Covid-19 Prevention and Control July 28 held a press conference to provide information on the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic and issues of public concern with the participation of Standing Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party Committee Phan Van Mai, Head of Propaganda and Education Department of the city Party Committee Phan Nguyen Nhu Khue, Vice Chairman of the city People’s Committee Duong Anh Duc.
Speaking at the press conference, Mr. Mai commented that in the past few days, the southern metropolis has thoroughly implemented the social distancing rule; people have not been allowed to go out after 6 PM and they have well complied with the rule.
However, during the day from 6 AM to 6 PM, people were found wandering in streets citywide. To contain the epidemic and reduce the source of infection, city authorities will continue to further restrict going out from 6 AM to 6 PM daily. Therefore, Mr. Mai suggested that competent agencies located in the city, especially those of Ho Chi Minh City, strictly implement social distancing by reducing civil servants and public employees working at the office.
City authorities encouraged civil servants and public employees to work from home. At the same time, Mr. Mai emphasized that city administrations will strengthen inspection and handle violations in all districts and facilities saying that the city will strictly implement social distancing this time to minimize contacts and curb transmission of the coronavirus to others.
Mr. Mai emphasized the most important present task, which is the treatment of infection cases. Regarding isolation of infected people and contacts F1 at home and collection of infected patients in concentrated isolation areas in districts, Mr. Mai cited research that up to 70 percent-80 percent of Covid-19 patients have mild or no symptoms, and can recover at home.
Currently, Ho Chi Minh City has more than 70,000 infection cases. Therefore, the city changed its treatment strategy. Since then, severe Covid-19 cases with underlying diseases will receive care and treatment at medical facilities meanwhile infection cases without symptoms or mild symptoms, are isolated at home.
Recently, there has been an online consultation network of the community of professors and doctors throughout the country. Each professor and doctor will keep in touch with several infection cases to provide daily consultations.
The city health sector will continue to expand its network, to ensure that infected patients can all receive online counseling and healthcare instructions. At the same time, more leaflets and more instructions on medicines will be issued to help Covid-19 patients’ health resistance.
Because there have been a surge of Covid-19 critically ill patients lately, the city has mobilized nonpublic infirmaries to admit Covid-19 patients as well as establish more field hospitals. Mr. Mai also admitted hospitals are being overwhelmed with Covid-19 patients.
The city government have been paying attention to the distribution of essential items during prolonged social distancing. Online shopping has been increased for blocked areas. The city ensures to meet the basic needs of the people.
Regarding supporting poor people, people can contact the 1022 switchboard to ask for assistance. More hotlines have been set up to facilitate people’s demand for food and foodstuff.
Ho Chi Minh City has been also forming a center to receive and coordinate relief goods to each commune and each residential quarter where employees live. In particular, city authorities have taken heed of rental houses where workers are residing.
In the matter of vaccination, Mr. Mai said that the city is speeding up the vaccination progress by simplifying the process and organization of vaccination squads. Furthermore, city administrations have also asked the central government to supply more vaccines for the city.
Referring to the regulation to restrict going out after 6 pm, Mr. Phan Van Mai said that Ho Chi Minh City will organize vaccination after 6 pm in the coming days in each ward with two venues. Only people 65 years old, with underlying diseases, can be inoculated at the hospital.Answering the question of experts what scenarios do they have for Ho Chi Minh City and whether the quarantine period can be ended by August 1, Permanent Deputy Secretary Phan Van Mai said the city Steering Board for Covid-19 Prevention and Control is focusing on implementing synchronously solutions according to Directive 12 of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee and Dispatch No. 2468 of the municipal People’s Committee.

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He revealed city authorities will have specific policies for the coming time August 1.

Source: SGGP

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