Hanoi woman suffers vision loss following eyelid cosmetic surgery

, Hanoi woman suffers vision loss following eyelid cosmetic surgery

A woman has suffered loss of vision in one eye and blurred vision in the other after undergoing an eyelid cosmetic surgery at a beauty spa in Hanoi.

The 23-year-old patient was admitted to the department of plastic and cosmetic surgery of Bach Mai Hospital with swollen eyelids and a seriously damaged left eye, while both of her eyeballs also protruded.

An examination showed that the woman had lost total vision in her left eye, and could only see objects within a very close distance with her right eye.

She was also unable to open her eyelids.

The patient said she had undergone an eyelid cosmetic surgery at a local beauty spa one day prior to her hospital admission.

She had a history of blood clotting disorders but did not inform the spa.

She was not required to provide her medical history before the surgery.

Following the operation, the surgery sites did not stop bleeding and eventually resulted in severe complications.

Doctors at Bach Mai Hospital have consulted the Central Eye Hospital and agreed that surgical intervention was not recommended as the patient’s blood clotting disorders have not been put under control.

She was given anti-inflammatory and edema medications to reduce pressure on her eyeballs and prevent the condition from worsening.

The patient was later transferred to the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, but her vision has not improved so far.

This article was originally published in Tuoitrenews

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