Hanoi put into operation an additional City Tour route to serve tourists

, Hanoi put into operation an additional City Tour route to serve tourists


Hanoi Passenger Bus Joint Stock Company has recently launched a new and exciting City Tour 03 “The Sights of Thang Long” route that has already started operating in Hanoi on November 18, 2023. This new route uses a small, open-roof, single-deck bus with a capacity of 20 seats, equipped with a multilingual automatic voiceover system that provides information about the history and destinations of the landscapes where the route passes through. This is a great initiative for both domestic and foreign tourists who are interested in exploring historical relics and famous landscapes in the heart of the Old Quarter and Hanoi Capital.

Sẵn sàng vận hành tuyến City Tour 03

Information on route “The Sights of Thang Long”

According to a representative of Hanoi Passenger Bus Joint Stock Company, this new City Tour 03 is a non-subsidized bus route that reaches untapped tourist destinations in Hanoi, particularly in small streets where large-capacity buses cannot go through. To make the experience more flexible for tourists, the operator offers a variety of ticket prices and experience time frames, allowing tourists to visit a tourist destination and then pick up the car later to meet their exploration needs.

Previously, Hanoi had two City Tour routes with large capacity, which were often crowded on weekends, making it difficult for tourists to experience the City’s beauty. However, with this new initiative, tourists have more options to visit places they have never been to before.

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