Hanoi People’s Committee plans to allow 12 types of business services in the West Lake area (Tay Ho district), including water golf courses, water music performances, sailing boats, and paragliding.

Hanoi People’s Committee is collecting opinions to finalize regulations for managing West Lake. Accordingly, the committee plans to allow 12 types of business services to operate in West Lake in the near future.

Specifically, Hanoi is expected to permit business activities in West Lake, including tourist boats, boats, canoes, water bicycles on the lake (without overnight stays); passenger transport by water vehicles; canoeing services; windsurfing, sailing boats, and diving.



Hanoi plans to open 12 types of service businesses in West Lake. Photo: Nam Khanh

In addition, Hanoi also aims to develop cultural tourism services, performing arts, sports, water golf courses, hot air balloons, and paragliding in West Lake.

Tay Ho district will be the managing unit of West Lake. Therefore, the use of lake space to serve cultural, sports, tourism, and entertainment activities must be licensed by the Tay Ho district People’s Committee.

In the Urban Area Planning of West Lake and its vicinity (A6) approved by Hanoi People’s Committee, West Lake will have 8 boat piers and a waterway tourist route. Tay Ho district is the investment and management unit for these items. Tourist boats operating in this area are also managed by Tay Ho district.

In 2015, Hanoi directed Tay Ho district to review and require inland waterway vehicles that were old and unused to be removed from the West Lake area.

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By 2017, Hanoi required a complete cessation of business activities, sports, tourism, entertainment, aquaculture, and exploitation of aquatic products in West Lake.


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