Hanoi: Outbreaks of dengue fever

, Hanoi: Outbreaks of dengue fever


Nearly 900 cases were reported in Hanoi alone, with 48 outbreaks primarily in suburban regions such as Thach That, Thuong Tin, and Phu Xuyen. It is worth noting that the number of cases in the hotspot area – the site where the highest epidemic has been recorded in Hanoi today is Phung Xa commune, Thach That district – is constantly rising, and the sickness shows no indications of abating.

Despite repeated warnings, some people remain unconcerned about the outbreak. Many water containers are still open, and many moist and stagnant spots in the community provide ideal circumstances for the development of larvae. Over 150 cases of dengue fever have been reported in Phung Xa commune in the previous two months, with 10 ongoing outbreaks. This commune is responsible for more than 90% of dengue fever cases in Thach That district.

With the current irregular weather, a large-scale outbreak is unavoidable if the situation is not effectively handled. Therefore, everyone in the household must be on the lookout for dengue fever.

According to the Hanoi Center for Disease Control, the insect indicators are too high to surpass the risk level based on the results of monitoring testing at the outbreaks. The number of dengue fever cases is expected to rise further in the future, with additional outbreaks appearing, particularly in previous outbreak locations, communes, and wards with intricate epidemic trends.


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