Ham Ninh fishing village

, Ham Ninh fishing village

Located 20km northeast of Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc district, Ham Ninh village is famous for its breathtaking natural scenery and peaceful daily life of local fishermen.

, Ham Ninh fishing villagePhoto: dulichchuyenviet.com

Previously, residents in Ham Ninh only relied on fishing for their livelihood, but in recent years, tourism has been a major source of income as they sell seafood and handmade souvenirs to tourists.

In the hot summer days, traveling to Ham Ninh, visitors seem to be left behind the bustling life, lost in the picturesque scenery here. Amazed by the crystal clear blue sea water, visitors will surely be attracted when immersing in the cool water and watching the schools of small fish swimming next to them, the seaweed floating on the blue water.

, Ham Ninh fishing villagePhoto: asianwaytravel.com

Visiting Ham Ninh, visitors have a golden opportunity to enjoy delicious and healthy drinks and seafood such as ginseng water – seaweed, mushroom “brooch” (a special mushroom of the island), walrus soaked in wine, etc. And it is wonderful to lie on the sand, enjoy boiled flower crab meat and watch the beautiful sunset on the beach. Before returning home, visitors can buy some flower crabs, a bottle of walrus wine or some seashell souvenirs as gifts for friends and family.

Useful information

  • Location: Ham Ninh Fishing Village

  • Best for: All travelers

  • Free admission

  • Hours: All day

  • Distance to city center: 14.0km (8.7 mi)

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