Grocery expenses

, Grocery expenses
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Prices on this page were updated in 2020. Please note that fruit and vegetable prices in Vietnam are subject to seasonal variation. Meat and dairy products can also change in price with small adjustments to income or minimal fuel costs. Products from food markets and convenience stores can also be cheaper than standard supermarkets. Therefore, these prices should only be considered estimates and average prices.

Fresh fruit

FruitsUSD – CAD – AUDVietnam Dong
Apples – per kilogram$480,000 VND
Oranges – per kilogram$240,000 VND
Bananas – each0.1 dollar2,000 VND
Pineapple – each0.25 dollars5,000 VND
Lychee – per kg$1.50VND 30,000
Mandarin – per kilogram$ 2.550,000 VND
Jackfruit – per kg$0.7515,000 VND
Watermelon – per kg$0.7515,000 VND
Mango – per kg$1.50VND 30,000


VegetableUSD – CAD – AUDVietnam Dong
Cucumbers – per kg$0.40VND 8,000
Tomatoes – each$0.102,000 VND
Lettuce – per 100 gr$0.153,000 VND
Water spinach – per bunch0.25 dollars5,000 VND
Onions – each onion0.25 dollars5,000 VND
Lemons – each0.1 dollar2,000 VND
Green onions – per bunch0.05 dollars1,000 VND
Carrots – every carrot$0.102,000 VND
Potatoes – per kg$0.7515,000 VND
Coriander – per bunch$0.102,000 VND
Bok Choy – per bunch0.25 dollars5,000 VND
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