Google introduces AI-powered word processing for Google Docs and Gmail

, Google introduces AI-powered word processing for Google Docs and Gmail


Artificial intelligence (AI) with the ability to write text is still heating up day by day. This is also why Google is always working on artificial intelligence to include in its products and services. Google Docs and Gmail will be among the first to integrate AI to provide the capacity to compose and change content for users.

Among these new features is the “magicwand” feature for Google Docs, which can generate marketing blogs, training programs, and other materials. The tone is then adjusted to the user’s preferences.

Google AI can also summarize email threads in Gmail, produce slide presentations, customize consumer outreach, and take meeting notes. This is an update to Google Workspace, a product package utilized by billions of people, both free and paid.

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Google stated in a blog post introducing the new plan that merely entering the topic you want to write about would prompt AI to build a draft right away. Users may continue to modify, amend, and refer to new ideas as required with the assistance of AI.

The application is also exploring rewrite capabilities in Docs and Gmail, a capability that allows users to utilize user-written material and then recreate it as text in a different style.

Users may turn brief meeting notes into smoother summaries with a single click. It also includes features for standardizing information, editing summaries, converting bullet points, and improvising.

Before the user authorizes the workflow, AI-powered recommendations may be readily updated, approved, or amended. In addition, Google provides essential administration and control technologies so that the IT team can define the right policy for their organization. This implies that corporations and organizations have the power to disable certain (or all) AI technologies, so individuals who use Google Docs or Gmail at work may not be able to use the new services.

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