Google Bard can respond in real-time

, Google Bard can respond in real-time


AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Google Bard have seen numerous improvements in recent times. Google Bard, in particular, is the latest product to receive a feature update that allows it to respond in real-time.

Previously, Google’s large language model didn’t provide immediate responses, and there was a delay between questions and answers. Bard always took the time to compose complete responses before displaying them on the screen.

Google Bard có thể trả lời các truy vấn AI trong thời gian thực, như ChatGPT - Ảnh 1.

Google Bard can answer queries in real-time

This is in contrast to ChatGPT and Bing Chat, both of which generate text in real-time while the response is still being processed until completion. Currently, the Google Bard update also includes a feature similar to ChatGPT, which processes in real-time, as reported by 9to5Google.

With Bard’s new functionality, users can choose to stop a response before it finishes if they wish. When users ask a question incorrectly or feel that Bard is not addressing the main point, they can click on the “Skip response” icon to halt the response.

What’s interesting is that Bard now follows the approach that ChatGPT and Bing Chat (which is powered by ChatGPT) have taken, even though ultimately these AI tools will be evaluated based on the quality of their responses more than how they respond, according to Techradar.

As before, after Google Bard provides a response, users can view alternative responses through the “View another draft” link at the top right. Users can also click on the slider at the bottom to adjust the response.

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