GBS Named “Commercial Law Firm of the Year in Vietnam – 2023”

, GBS Named “Commercial Law Firm of the Year in Vietnam – 2023”


Global Business Services LLC (GBS), a leading global consulting powerhouse, is proud to announce its prestigious recognition as the “Commercial Law Firm of the Year in Vietnam – 2023” by Corporate INTL Global Awards. This accolade is a testament to GBS’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its long-standing dedication to serving clients across various industries.

GBS has been in operation since 2002, initially starting as a small enterprise with just a handful of individuals and a modest office space. Over the years, the firm has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its footprint to include offices in multiple countries and a talented team of professionals numbering in the hundreds.

With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to client integration, GBS has become a leading player in commercial law and consulting services, helping businesses in Vietnam and across the globe thrive in a competitive business landscape

“The key to GBS’s success lies in our unique approach to client integration. While many consulting firms can disrupt existing workflows, GBS is celebrated for seamlessly aligning with our clients, thereby ensuring a harmonious partnership”, Sophie Dao, Senior Partner at GBS said.

“The firm understands that employees often have concerns about external consultants interfering with established processes. Still, GBS’s clients can rest assured that the firm’s services are designed to enhance operations rather than disrupt them.” Sophie added.

GBS’s continued growth is a reflection of the trust and confidence its clients have in the firm. With a diverse portfolio that spans across industries such as finance, energy, business services, and consumer products, GBS consistently delivers outstanding results that empower its clients to thrive in a competitive global marketplace.

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The recognition of “Commercial Law Firm of the Year in Vietnam – 2024” by Corporate INTL Global Awards underscores GBS’s unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional legal services and commercial expertise. The firm’s dedication to client success, its commitment to seamless integration, and its impressive track record in serving various industries have made it a leading choice in the world of commercial law in Vietnam and beyond.

For more information about Global Business Services LLC and its services, please visit or contact Sophie Dao at or +84903189033.

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