Gastronomy in Ho Chi Minh City

Gastronomy in Ho Chi Minh City

One major benefit to living and working in Ho Chi Minh City is that its an ideal spot if youre a foodie. Often overlooked by neighbouring food hotspots like Singapore and Bangkok, Saigons restaurant scene is one of Southeast Asias best-kept secrets. While it is known internationally primarily for its street food scene, Ho Chi Minh City is jam-packed full of interesting cuisines and unique restaurants that showcase this notion. Here’s a roundup of the best restaurants Ho Chi Minh City has to offer.

Secret Garden Restaurant

This is a favourite among expats as it is centrally located, the decor is unmatched, and the kitchen makes some of the best Vietnamese fare in town. Dining here is ideal for mid-sized to large groups, as the dishes are served tapas style. Come for the Hoi An-esque vibe, stay for the sunset views and delicious food. Be sure to book a table as this place gets packed almost every night of the week.

Five Oysters

Located just off the main strip of Ho Chi Minh City’s infamous Bui Vien Street lies this hidden gem. Those seeking some good quality, cheap Vietnamese food must definitely swing through Five Oysters. The menu is extensive and offers several of Vietnam’s most famous dishes such as banh xeo (a savoury pancake), several varieties of pho and, of course, seafood. The interior is lovely, but the rooftop is even better.


This hipster spot is situated among the old Ton That Dam market, giving it a true Saigon feel. Keep in mind that Anan is more of a weekend spot. The Vietnamese food is absolutely delicious, and the cocktails are a perfect blend of Vietnamese staples with some Western influence. For instance, guests can enjoy either a trà Äá cocktail or a ‘pho-jito’ – expats won’t find drinks like this anywhere else in Saigon! A DJ plays chilled out beats each Saturday; the rooftop area isn’t too spacious, so it’s probably better for a date night rather than a large group outing. Anan’s Vietnamese fusion food is excellent, and the menu includes Vietnam’s famous ‘Da Lat Pizza,’ a favourite among travellers.

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Quán Än HÆ°Æ¡ng Lài

With a menu that includes savoury dishes such as dau hu nhoi thit, or stuffed tofu in tomato sauce, and traditional choices like tiết canh, or pork blood soup, this place is pretty authentic. This centrally located restaurant is a favourite among both expats and locals but definitely caters more toward meat eaters. One unique aspect of this restaurant is the fact that the staff train and offer opportunities to disadvantaged youth, which is an incredible incentive to support this establishment.

Mekong Kitchen

Serving flavoursome fare native to South Vietnam’s Mekong Delta region, this restaurant is a unique gem within Ho Chi Minh City. Mekong Kitchen’s vibe takes guests into the peaceful province with its paintings, decor and atmosphere. Some of the dishes are served on a banana leaf similar to the traditional food from the Mekong. Guests can enjoy classics such as stuffed snails, seafood platters and hotpots, and there are plenty of options for vegetarians, making it an excellent choice that can cater to all!

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