Fundbox and Alliance launch #paytoday campaign

Fundbox and Alliance launch #paytoday campaign

Fundbox and Alliance launch #paytoday campaign

Today, Fundbox and an alliance of related companies serving small businesses launched #Today payment, An activity aimed at encouraging businesses and governments to pay their small business suppliers immediately.

According to Fundbox data, small businesses owe approximately $900 billion in accounts receivable, and it takes an average of 28 days to be paid. However, #paytoday partner Alignable estimates that 37% of people have cash in 1 month or less. With the implementation of asylum-in-place rules across the United States, many small businesses have lost considerable income and rely on these minimal cash reserves for their livelihoods. For many people, the situation is terrible.

#paytoday believes that if everyone pays their small business suppliers immediately, nearly one trillion dollars will be injected directly into the economy and flow directly to small businesses. This may be enough to help them survive before the federal government’s stimulus plan is implemented.

Fundbox promises to pay our small business suppliers first. Fundbox Chief Financial Officer Marten Abrahamsen said, “As a short-term relief work, we must hand over the funds to our SMB supplier as soon as possible. In other words, we are prioritizing and promising to pay our small business suppliers first. “

In addition to Alignable and Fundbox, other alliance members include Gusto,, Womply, Small Business Edge, smallbizdaily and Actual Agency.

Please use the hashtag #paytoday to support this initiative and visit Salary Club Today, Where you can learn more, sign promises, and download social pictures to share.

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