Five ways to motivate employees

Five ways to motivate employees

Five ways to motivate employees

Looking for keen and talented employees It’s important for your small business, but this is just the beginning of building a great also need Keep these employeesIf you fail to retain them, you may find yourself in a vicious cycle of employment-training-repetition (this effort can be costly, time-consuming, and aggravating).

As a small business owner, one of the most important things you can do to avoid this vicious circle is to help your employees stay motivated.Not only motivated employees happier Employees, they are also unlikely to say “I have resigned” in response to work challenges, more May consistently produce high-quality work.

What is needed to motivate? It all boils down to some lasting motivational skills. Here are five reliable ways to motivate employees working for your small business so that they in turn can provide your business with the best service they have.

1. Provide freedom and flexibility for your team members

Whether your team is working remotely or on-site, if employees don’t feel trapped by a micromanagement boss who asks to detail how they spend their time each day, they will definitely be more motivated.

Rather than worrying about how many hours people spend in front of the computer, let them arrange the work week as they see fit. Does anyone need to leave work at 3 pm to take their kids to football training, or do they need to spend a few more hours on Wednesday and Thursday so that they can take a break on Friday afternoon to deal with personal affairs (the scenarios are endless, but you will Understand? )? No problem, as long as they stick to their trading goals (that is, complete all work on time). They will appreciate this autonomy, and in return, they are more likely to spend their work time in a focused state rather than watching the clock.

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Considering that you can’t completely allow retail employees or receptionists to come and go as they please, service-oriented companies may find this concept impractical. However, this does not make this incentive technology ineffective for such enterprises.

Consider asking employees to ask for the number of days and hours they want to work, rather than simply assigning shifts and time periods. Let them choose the time to rest. If they need to make changes (even if these changes are sometimes the last minute because of an emergency), please be polite and make sure they are aware of the need notifications or conversations related to their scheduled working hours.

2. Trust your employees to do their job well

As with providing freedom and flexibility, trusting them to do their job is a key part of the motivation puzzle. Suppose you hire good employees, they may not need supervisors to pay close attention to them or tell them how to complete their work. This does not mean that you should not provide tools and training when you need them (you should!). This simply means that if your employees believe that their boss thinks they are capable, they will be more motivated to do good work.

In fact, one way to let your employees know that you trust them is to avoid staring at their shoulders and asking them to follow your processes and methods. Instead, care about your final product, Assuming that any process and method they choose (within a reasonable range of course) will lead to the results you want. As long as expectations are clearly communicated, positive results are possible.

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3. Express appreciation and recognition of achievements

By expressing thanks, we are not referring to a quick “thank you” text message sent in response to “the report will be delivered by 5 pm.”We are talking about the small but tangible things you can do to really make your employees feel valued, such as inviting them to drink coffee, offering an extra private day, sending flowers on their birthday, or Celebrate employee appreciation day. The choices are endless, they don’t have to be magnificent. They must be real.

In the process, please pay attention to the fact that employees are recognized for their outstanding work and therefore will also be very positive. Has anyone knocked out that presentation from the park? Win stubborn customers? Solve a difficult technical problem? Let them know you noticed.Whether it’s going to their desk and telling them how much you appreciate their hard work, or important things like promotion and salary increase, it all depends on you, but the truth is that you are more likely to be their achievements. See this result time and time again admit again and again.

4. Provide employees with jobs that match their interests and skills

Sometimes, you hire a new employee and they inadvertently complete tasks that are not listed in the official job description (which they may or may not appreciate).Sometimes, time will show that your sales assistant’s skills are more comparable to those of a salesperson manager The role or your customer relationship coordinator, despite the rock-solid professional ethics, is not suitable for work that directly communicates with customers. Regardless of the specific situation, letting someone do a job that is not suitable for them, or a job they have grown up, will definitely destroy motivation.

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Remedy? Make sure all your employees are in the right roles. Promote at the appropriate time, reassign people to other jobs when necessary, and listen to employees’ opinions on their ideas and work-related goals. Another option is to let people struggle in positions that are not suitable for them. This almost guarantees that you will either lose a good employer for other jobs or fill the team with dissatisfied people who keep counting down the weekend.

5. Compensate your employees fairly

A few years ago, a Seattle business owner decided to gradually provide all employees with a minimum wage of $70,000 per year, which led to a substantial increase in the wages of many of them (he cut his salary from $1.1 million) arrive US$70,000 is used to fund the new salary standard). Obviously, this action has improved productivity and job satisfaction across the board.

Of course, this is an extreme situation (few small business owners have the budget to establish such compensation plans). However, the reported success of the program shows that employees are generally more motivated to do a good job if they feel they are being paid fairly.

You can achieve this goal among your employees by understanding the salary trends in your industry and ensuring that the salary you provide is within the range (because employees who are underpaid will lose motivation sooner or later).

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