Five Recruiting Tips for Hiring Recent College Graduates

No sooner had the world moved away from the financial crisis than the coronavirus pandemic plunged the world into a new problem. Naturally, this was reflected in the labor market. Unfortunately, young specialists suffer from the inability to get a suitable job.

If earlier there were often more vacancies than applicants for them, and the conditions of employment were to some extent chosen by the applicants themselves, now everything has changed. 

Graduate Recruitment Programs

It is a method to select the best students for your company. Getting started in a serious company right after graduation is undoubtedly an attractive prospect for everyone. However, to get into this program, you need to go through a rigorous selection process, which consists of several stages:

  1. Filling out a questionnaire, but this is not an ordinary resume, but a questionnaire that allows you to identify a student’s competencies: his motivation, initiative, communication skills, teamwork ability, learning ability, etc .;
  2. Interviews with managers to assess how the applicant’s qualifications meet the company’s needs;
  3. Identification and confirmation of the individual personality traits of the candidate using tests and business games;
  4. A final interview with one of the company’s leaders to determine if the applicant will fit their lifestyle.



This is an opportunity to get to know the chosen profession “from the inside.” Why? To get to know the employer and the team, evaluate the working conditions. Many companies use this method to recruit young people.

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For students, an internship can be credited as industrial and pre-graduate practice. In addition, this work is usually paid. Consequently, the student receives not only work experience but also a decent amount of money and the chance to come to work in this company after graduating from college. Trainees usually only work in the summer, but the best ones can be invited for part-time jobs on a flexible schedule and throughout the year.

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Getting an internship at leading companies is also not easy. The selection of interns most often involves passing a resume competition, testing, participation in business games, and interviews with company managers.


Recruiting or event recruiting

Your company may not have a dedicated alumni recruiting program. Those who want to get a job have to do it on a general basis. You need to send a resume, which the HR manager will review. If the candidate is suitable, they call him and invite him for an interview.

It is practically impossible for a young specialist to get into any leading company of this type. They would prefer to hire a person with experience rather than a college graduate.

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But the event-recruiting is a unique event organized by employers in order to attract young specialists to vacancies. Event recruiting helps companies to create their effective image and at the same time find talented young employees who agree to work in initial positions with not very high earnings. Students usually attend such events with pleasure, not only for further employment but also to gain valuable experience.

In event recruiting, you can use such methods as a thematic conference, an open day, a job fair, etc.


HR brand of the company

In the current situation of fierce competition, top companies realize that their success directly depends on the work of their staff. This is what determines the competition in the labor market. So, it is crucial to create a quality “talent brand.” HR branding is all activities aimed at improving the employer’s position in attracting the best-motivated employees to their company.

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Naturally, the company must have a good reputation, and at the same time, spare no money for the creation of a high-quality HR brand. After all, the brand forms the image of a stable, successful company interested in its employees.

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International PEO

The hiring process for recent college graduates can be complicated for businesses due to the high levels of red tape. Employers need to be precise and detailed in how they manage their employees. Partnerships with international PEOs can enable businesses to delegate tasks to a team of local experts and streamline the overall process.

Companies have developed marketing strategies to attract college graduates to recruit the necessary staff like those we write above.


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