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How to bring happy moments to your family as well as deal with possible incidents or emergencies has attracted a lot of attention from visitors. A good preparation is the best answer.
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Immunizations and health insurance are precautions that should be taken if you want to expose your child to changing tropical weather and adventurous trips to discover the beauty of nature. Mosquitoes are also a problem in humid environments, so beware!
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A first aid kit is an indispensable part of your luggage as many places in Vietnam do not have immediate medical services. Families should also keep a list of foreign hospitals and clinics in the country to deal with serious conditions.

Medicines in Vietnam can be bought without a prescription, but it may be difficult for you to get the exact drug you are taking. Therefore, you should bring some commonly used medicines and prescriptions with the elements of the medicine. Check out our “keep yourself healthy” guide to tell your kids what to do and what not to do to stay healthy during the trip. If your child craves some local dishes but you’re not sure how safe these foods are, see how many locals are in the restaurant. If that place has many guests, it will be a prestigious and quality address.


Traffic in Vietnam is quite messy. The public transport system is safe but it is too crowded and rarely runs, so the journey is quite bumpy; On the other hand, riding a motorbike or riding a bicycle is quite dangerous for inexperienced tourists. So, for a family trip, taking a taxi and walking will be the best options. The average taxi fare is about 12,000-15,000 VND per kilometer (2011). Children as well as the elderly need to carry a memo of family contact numbers, including name, address, phone number, etc., in case they get lost (See the Need to Pack and No list lists. our packing for outing).
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You will save a lot of money choosing a small hotel instead of a branded hotel and the service is even better. Moreover, traveling in Vietnam should be more about experience than relaxation for your loved ones and the friendly local atmosphere is the unique thing that modest hotels bring to your family.
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