Explore ‘Japanese garden in clouds’ in the west of Hanoi

, Explore ‘Japanese garden in clouds’ in the west of Hanoi


Leading Japanese real estate group SAMTY has partnered with Vinhomes to launch SA5 – The Sakura, a unique apartment building with a “Japanese garden in clouds” at Vinhomes Smart City.

Japan is known as a world leader in creating and developing the art of garden design. Therefore, the living spaces of the Japanese people are not only convenient but also pure and balanced between “stillness” and “movement”. For the people of the land of the rising sun, the Japanese garden is a symbol of high-class living, carrying spiritual values that cannot be counted. In particular, a “Japanese garden in clouds” to immerse oneself in pure and sophisticated nature is a dream for people living in large cities.

A symbol of Japanese luxury

With the scale of an international project, SA5 – The Sakura is developed in a unique Japanese style. Especially, this is the first apartment building at Vinhomes Smart City with Sky Garden – a rooftop garden that bears the mark of the Land of the Rising Sun amidst the clouds.

The Sky Garden at SA5 – The Sakura harmoniously blends “stillness” and “movement”, bringing a luxurious lifestyle. The “stillness” is clearly shown in the serene natural landscape such as the relaxing reading area, tea house pavilion – playing quiet chess, tranquil dry stream garden…Still, not quiet, the “Japanese garden in the clouds” also brings a dynamic lifestyle, affirming the owner’s privilege.

The Sakura anh 1

The Sakura anh 1

Sky Garden – Japanese style garden on the rooftop of SA5 tower – The Sakura. Project perspective photo.

The Zen atmosphere, tranquility and relaxation are reflected in the design and sophisticated landscaping. Every tree, patch of grass, stone, and rock is cleverly arranged to bring the breath and spirit of Japan into every corner of the building. In the “Japanese garden in clouds” at SA5 – The Sakura, residents can relax, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy playing chess, sipping a warm cup of tea, or reading a book while immersing themselves in the original sounds of nature.

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As the new western administrative center of the capital

The Sakura district, with its over 20 Japanese-themed amenities, offers convenience, modernity, and balanced experiences for residents. In addition, the diverse ecosystem of services in Vinhomes Smart City is ready to meet the needs of residents of all ages, especially the high-end customer segment with stringent living standards.

The SA5 – The Sakura apartment building is strategically located near many arterial roads such as Ring Road 3, To Hieu – Le Van Luong, and Thang Long Boulevard, allowing residents to easily connect with the city center and surrounding provinces.

Furthermore, SA5 – The Sakura is at the forefront of the inevitable trend of future transportation, located at the intersection of Metro lines 5, 6, and 7. According to a report by CBRE, during the period from 2012-2016, the selling price of real estate projects in areas with Metro lines increased sharply by 150-200% compared to other areas. Similarly, the SA5 tower has great potential for price appreciation, becoming a new investment hotspot benefiting from the Metro lines.

As the real estate market is picking up again, the SA5 – The Sakura tower with its “Japanese garden in clouds” feature, the international standard facilities, and the upscale living environment are becoming more and more apparent, making it expected to be the focal point of the western area of the city.

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