Experts from Victoria, Australia share experience of sustainable development for Vietnam

, Experts from Victoria, Australia share experience of sustainable development for Vietnam

Sustainable development discussion with experienced experts.

Sustainable development is one of two major topics discussed at the inaugural Vietnam x Victoria (V2): Virtual Trade Mission Summit on 15 June 2021. The event is organized online in both Melbourne and Ho Chi Minh City. The conference will include two workshops on Victoria’s strengths under the theme Cities of the Future and Industries of the Future.

The Industries of the Future panel is a chance to embrace Victoria’s champions of sustainable growth, as they tackle the importance of cleantech, STEM and business transformation for key future industries.

Business matching opportunities with Victorian exporters from the technology, food and beverage and sustainability sectors are available through the Victorian Government. Register your interest and find further information on the VTM:

Sustainable development – ​​the “enter” key helps Vietnamese enterprises log into the global supply chain

In the process of economic development, countries and regions have to face common and recurring problems such as: resource depletion, environmental pollution, scarcity of raw materials, and ecological balance, natural disasters… affecting the quality of life in the present and leaving unpredictable consequences for future generations.

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On the other hand, rapid economic growth that brings development also creates many instabilities in society such as widening gap between rich and poor, increase of social evils, crime, etc. Therefore, in country development strategies, countries, enterprises and organizations have to harmonize economic growth with ensuring social security and protecting the environment. Sustainable development is becoming an inevitable solution to encounter the current instability.

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Sustainable development strategy is understood as the business and organization respecting the principles, complying with the regulations and policies of the State; implement financial transparency, apply technological advances in production and business processes, and invest in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities and environmental protection.

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Sustainable development has really become an important issue of Vietnam’s economy, in the context that Vietnam has the fastest growth rate in the region. According to the General Statistics Office, Vietnam’s average growth rate is always above 6% in the period 2015 – 2019. In 2020, before the devastation of the Covid-19 pandemic, many negative growth countries, Vietnam still grew by 2.91%.

Like many developing countries, Vietnam has to face to environmental pollution and many social problems arising in all three sectors: Agriculture, industry and services. Sustainable development not only solves internal problems but also is the key to help Vietnam’s economy enter deeply into the global supply chain – the playground of many large enterprises and economic groups.

Sharing about the relationship between sustainable development and the breakthrough of Vietnamese businesses, Mr. Sanket Ray, General Director of Coca Cola Vietnam said: “Sustainable development is the enter key for Vietnamese small and medium enterprises. participate in the global value chain in Industry 4.0.”

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Vietnam is Victoria’s 13th largest two-way merchandise trade market, with significant links in food and beverage, education, and manufacturing. These links are supported by a vibrant Vietnamese diaspora community in Victoria, currently the State’s 4th largest. The Victorian Government Trade and Investment Office, Ho Chi Minh City looks to build upon these significant links through initiatives such as this Virtual Trade Mission.

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