Eximbank shares increased 23% in the past week

, Eximbank shares increased 23% in the past week

Banking stocks last week (December 12-16) diverged with 17/27 gainers, 2 unchanged and 8 decliners.

EIB of Eximbank was the strongest gainer in the industry last week, closing on December 16 at 27,400 VND/share, up 22.9% compared to the end of last week. In the last 5 trading sessions of the week, this stock had 3 sessions of ceiling gain or close to ceiling gain (December 12-14). Compared to the bottom of VND 18,050 on November 21, this stock has recovered 52%.

EIB liquidity this week also increased strongly compared to last week with matched trading value of 511 billion dong, up 44%. In addition, according to the agreement method, more than 7.8 million shares were exchanged, worth nearly 200 billion dong.

The next strongest gainer was VPBank’s VPB when it recorded a 9.5% increase in the past week. In particular, VPB was the focus of the market on December 15 when it hit the ceiling price with a huge trading volume: 66.7 million shares, worth more than 1,200 billion dong.

VPB was also the bank stock with the highest liquidity last week, reaching more than 2,700 billion dong increased by 7% compared to last week in the context of market liquidity tends to decrease.

Some other large stocks also gained more than 3% such as MBB of VPBank (up 3.3%), TCB of Techcombank (up 3.2%), and VCB of Vietcombank (up 3.1%).

On the other side, there were 9 bank codes that dropped in price last week. In which, Kienlongbank’s KLB dropped the most (-10.6%). KLB’s liquidity continued to be the lowest in the industry, with matched trading value at only VND403 million for the whole week.

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A bank stock is up 23% in the past week

A bank stock is up 23% in the past week

After a period of continuous increase, LienVietPostBank’s LPB stock was under adjustment pressure last week, down 3.6% to 13,200 VND/share. Before that, in nearly 1 month (from 15-11-9/12), LPB shares increased by 65%.

Other losers were BAB (-3.5%), OCb (-2.8%), MSB (-1.5%), BID (-0.8%), VIB (-0.7%) ).

The liquidity of the banking industry last week reached nearly 14,500 billion dong, equivalent to 2,900 billion dong/session, significantly down from 3,600 billion dong/session last week. While the transaction value of VPB increased, STB, SHB, MBB… all decreased compared to last week.

SHB, STB, CTG are still 3 bank codes actively bought by foreign investors. Specifically, SHB recorded a net buying volume of more than 7.8 million shares, STB was 5.8 million shares, and STB was 4.2 million shares.

A bank stock rose 23% in the past week - Photo 1.A bank stock rose 23% in the past week - Photo 1.
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