Everything to know about Teachers Day in Vietnam

, Everything to know about Teachers Day in Vietnam


In the heart of Vietnam, every November 20th, a tapestry of appreciation, respect, and celebration unfolds, weaving together the history and profound meaning of Vietnamese Teacher’s Day, known locally as “Ngày Nhà giáo Việt Nam.”

A Historical Thread:

The roots of Vietnamese Teacher’s Day trace back to a pivotal moment in international education history. In January 1946, an organization of progressive teachers, known as FISE (Féderation International Syndicale des Enseignants – International Union of Education Unions), was established in Paris. Fast forward three years, and at a conference in Warsaw, the International Union of Educational Trade Unions issued a “Charter of Teachers,” advocating for education that protects the rights of teachers and the teaching profession.

Vietnam, represented by the Vietnam Education Union, was among the 57 countries attending the 1975 FISE meeting in Warsaw. In this historic gathering, it was decided to designate November 20, 1958, as the “International Charter of Teachers Day.” This marked the genesis of what would later become Vietnamese Teacher’s Day.

Spreading Its Wings:

The celebration took root in Northern Vietnam and gradually extended its embrace to liberated areas in the South. Over time, it evolved into a nationwide tribute to educators. November 20th became a day to acknowledge and honor those whose commitment to nurturing minds became the backbone of the nation.

The Deeper Threads of Meaning:

Vietnamese Teacher’s Day is more than a date on the calendar; it’s a profound cultural and historical tapestry, rich with meaning. It symbolizes the deep-seated value placed on education and recognizes the pivotal role teachers play in shaping the nation’s future.

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Beyond the rituals of appreciation lies a collective recognition of teachers’ tireless dedication and hard work. In Vietnamese culture, teachers aren’t merely instructors; they’re considered second parents, guiding students through the intricacies of life as well as academics.

A Day of Celebration

On this special day, classrooms transform into vibrant stages of appreciation, with students taking center stage as narrators of gratitude. Flowers, gifts, heartfelt notes, and performances become the language of thanks. It’s a day when teachers, often seen as architects of dreams, enablers of potential, and beacons of wisdom, feel the warmth of acknowledgment.

A Reminder for Tomorrow:

Vietnamese Teacher’s Day serves as a reminder that education is the cornerstone of a brighter future. It highlights the enduring impact of educators who, with passion and dedication, contribute to the nation’s growth.

In the tapestry of Vietnamese Teacher’s Day, each thread represents a story of inspiration, dedication, and the enduring bond between teachers and their students. As the nation comes together every November 20th, it isn’t just a celebration; it’s a tribute to those who illuminate the path to knowledge and shape the destiny of generations to come.

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