Everyone can now support national COVID-19 vaccine fund of Vietnam. Here’s how

, Everyone can now support national COVID-19 vaccine fund of Vietnam. Here’s how

Vietnam’s national COVID-19 vaccine fund officially launched.

Addressing the ceremony, Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính said the fund was established to mobilise social resources for the purchase and import of vaccines as well as for research, development and production of domestic vaccines.

Though Vietnam has been one of the most successful countries in the world at containing the COVID-19 pandemic as evidenced by low infection and death rates, the pandemic is still evolving with new strains first found in India and the UK behind the recent surge of domestic cases in Vietnam.

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In order to return life to normal, the Party and State set the goal to administer free vaccines to all people to soon achieve herd immunity, considering it a fundamental, long-term, strategic and decisive solution to get rid of the pandemic, he said.

The Government leader said that the consensus of the people is key to beat the pandemic and return to a normal, peaceful, and safe life.

He urged subordinate levels to promptly create favorable conditions for all individuals and organisations to make contributions to the fund.

As of 8pm on June 5, the fund, which was approved by the Government on May 26, has received VNĐ1.036 trillion (US$45 million).

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Speaking at the launch ceremony, Minister of Finance Hồ Đức Phớc said the Ministry of Finance, which is in charge of the vaccine fund, has established a management board for the fund at the State Treasury and opened a bank account to receive support from individuals and organisations inside and outside the country.

The ministry on June 2 issued a circular to guide the operation, management and use of the fund.

“The fund is a precious and important resource for the country to fight the pandemic and continue socio-economic development. We have the responsibility to manage the fund tightly, correctly and transparently and use the fund effectively and economically to serve pandemic prevention and control,” he said.

The Ministry of Finance committed to publicise the amount of money received transparently as well as the Ministry of Health’s final settlement after each vaccination programme using the fund, he said.

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Vietnam’s vaccine fund initiative has received applause from international organisations in the country.

Dr Kidong Park, WHO representative in Việt Nam, said the mobilisation of resources to improve access to COVID-19 vaccines of the Vietnamese Government was made in a timely manner and in line with the global vaccine initiative.

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UN Resident Coordinator Mha Kamal said this was a good initiative which has been supported by the UN for months. He said it should have only one fund at a national level under the supervision and direction of the Government. COVID-19 was considered a national emergency situation for any institution. Only the Government would have enough capacity to coordinate this fund.

World Bank Country Director in Vietnam Carollyn Turk said fast and effective COVID-19 vaccination was an essential and important measure to ensure safety for people and promoting economic recovery. She said she believed that the Vietnamese Government has made the right step in boosting vaccine access for people.

Ambassador Giorgio Aliberti, head of the European Union Delegation to Vietnam, said the establishment of the fund was an important part in the general strategy to cope with COVID-19 of Vietnam. He said he believed that in this strategy, the Vietnamese Government played a key role in mobilising and connecting resources, according to Vietnam News.


Donation accounts:

1. Individuals and organisations within the country may send their donations to: 

a) State Treasury 
  • Account name:  Quỹ vaccine phòng COVID-19
  • Number : 3761.0.9098866.91999 (VNĐ); 3761.0.9098869.91999 (USD) and 3761.0.9098786.91999 (EUR)
b) Bank of Investment and Development of Việt Nam, Hà Nội Branch
  • Account name:  Quỹ vaccine phòng COVID-19
  • Account number: 21110009116868 (VND); 21110371116868 (USD) và 21110142996868 (EUR)
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2. For donations from overseas:

a) HOCHIMINH City Development Joint Stock Commercial Bank

  • Account name: Fund for vaccination Prevention of Coronavirus Disease 2019
  • Account number: 686868(VNĐ); 686868 (USD) và 686868 (EUR).
  • Beneficiary Bank: HOCHIMINH City Development Joint Stock Commercial Bank
  • Swift code: HDBCVNVX
b) Joint Stock Commercial Bank for investment and Development of Việt Nam
  • Account name: Fund for vaccination Prevention of Coronavirus Disease 2019;
  • Account number: 21110009116868 (VNĐ), 21110371116868 (USD) and 21110142996868 (EUR);
  • Beneficiary bank: Bank for investment and Development of Việt Nam JSC, Hà Nội branch – 4B Lê Thánh Tông Street, Phan Chu Trinh Ward, Hoàn Kiếm District, Hà Nội City, Việt Nam;
  • Swift code: BIDVVNVX.
c) Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Việt Nam:
  • Account name: Fund for vaccination Prevention of Coronavirus Disease 2019
  • Account number: 2019002019 (VNĐ); 2019662019 (USD) và 2019882019 (EUR).
  • Beneficiary Bank: JSC Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam – Operation Center Branch.
  • Swift code: BFTVVNVX001.

3. Donations via SMS texts:

Donors may text SMS messages COVID NK to 1408 – with N a number between 1 and 2,000, and K representing thousand đồng. For example, COVID 20K would mean you want to donate VNĐ20,000 to the vaccine fund.

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