EuroCham proposes Prime Minister waive visas for tourists from 27 EU countries


On July 17th, the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (EuroCham) sent a letter to Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh proposing an expansion of the visa exemption list for the 27 European Union (EU) member states.

Currently, the visa exemption list only includes seven EU member states: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. With the aim of promoting trade and investment opportunities, EuroCham Vietnam emphasizes the importance of expanding the visa exemption list to include all 27 EU member states.

“This visa waiver expansion will bring a large number of visitors from the EU market with over 500 million people. By removing barriers for international visitors who have high spending potential when traveling, we are confident that we will open up great opportunities for the tourism industry in Vietnam after the challenging years we have had,” said Mr. Gabor Fluit, Chairman of EuroCham Vietnam.

EuroCham kiến nghị Thủ tướng cho miễn thị thực du lịch cho 27 nước thành viên EU - Ảnh 1.

EuroCham kiến nghị Thủ tướng cho miễn thị thực du lịch cho 27 nước thành viên EU - Ảnh 1.

EuroCham emphasized that the extension of the visa-free list to the EU’s 27 member states is to stimulate investment, tourism, growth…

With a large number of tourists, extended stays, and significant purchasing power, European tourists are truly a potential customer group. European tourists tend to stay longer, usually for two weeks or more. This period allows them to make significant contributions to the economy and explore business prospects during their stay. “All of this contributes to adding value to their tours,” added the Chairman of EuroCham.

Furthermore, EuroCham acknowledges and appreciates the recent efforts by the Vietnamese government to simplify the visa system, including extending the validity of electronic visas to 90 days, allowing multiple entries starting from August 15th, and extending the temporary residence duration to 45 days for citizens of visa-exempted countries in Vietnam.

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According to EuroCham representatives, the letter sent to Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has received significant support from European countries, as 18 ambassadors of EU member states in Vietnam and the heads of European business associations, such as the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, the Central and Eastern European Business Association in Vietnam, the Portugal-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Netherlands Business Association in Vietnam, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam, the German Business Association, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, the Northern European Business Association in Vietnam, and the Spanish Business Association in Vietnam, have all signed the letter.

Moreover, Vietnam is proud to maintain its position as one of the top five investment destinations for more than one-third of businesses, further affirming Vietnam’s sustainable attractiveness and reputation. Continuous reduction of import tariffs facilitated by the European Union-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), combined with efforts to address administrative procedures, as highlighted in the Business Climate Index (BCI) survey, will enhance Vietnam’s investment prospects over time.

Therefore, the Chairman of EuroCham emphasizes, “Improvements in visa exemptions, along with the introduction of the Michelin Guide and the recognition by Lonely Planet of Vietnam’s North-South railway as one of the world’s most incredible rail journeys, can be the answer to increasing the contribution of the tourism industry to Vietnam’s GDP. Combining these initiatives with the growing recognition and interest in Vietnam globally represents significant potential for driving economic growth and making Vietnam a top destination in the global tourism context.”

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