Employees come back to HCMC for work

, Employees come back to HCMC for work
  • Director of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs Le Minh Tan yesterday said that around 150,000 employees had come back to the city, bringing the total number of workers at 1,400 enterprises to 210,000 ones, mostly in fields of trading and services, tourism, transport, processing and garment, leather and footwear.
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From now to the end of 2021, the city needs around 60,000 workers and at the beginning of 2022 and after the Lunar New Year, HCMC will need 120,000 more employees.

The city is promoting the connection between labor supply and demand, opening job exchange floors for both employers and employees. Many businesses have sent text messages to call for workers to return to Ho Chi Minh City for working.

Regarding social welfares for needy people in the city, Mr. Tan informed that by 5 p.m. of October 18, over five million residents had received the third financial support package, accounting for 77 percent of the 6.6 million people subject to the support package. The disbursement of the third financial support package continues to October 22.


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