EloQ Communications marks fifth anniversary in Vietnam

, EloQ Communications marks fifth anniversary in Vietnam

This year marks the fifth anniversary of EloQ Communications, a leading independent public relations and marketing agency based in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh city.

Over its course, the agency has grown out of a local agency’s typical image, and now providing well-rounded public relations, marketing, and crisis communications. Its clients include companies in the Fortune 500 list, MNEs, and global startups from around the world to promote their brands in Vietnam and Southeast Asia markets. The agency is not only promoting itself, but also the image of Vietnam’s public relations industry to new frontiers.

There have been many notable highlights in EloQ Communications’ five-year journey that contributed to this success. Besides public relations, the company has added new core services, including digital marketing, social media management and influencer marketing services in Vietnam market to become a one-stop-agency for clients, bringing more values and satisfying client’s goals with diverse and modern communications tactics. EloQ Communications also launched its blog site and Youtube channel with original content produced by the in-house team to help the community and people interested in public relations and marketing access industry insights with ease.

While delivering top-notch services, the agency also kept its commitment to ethical standards and corporate social responsibilities. During COVID-19, EloQ Communications quickly gave communications tips and launched a pro-bono program for SMEs who were impacted, which displayed its concerns and supports for the community, as well as its flexibility to crises. To realize the dream of empowering the voices of Vietnamese public relations professionals, EloQ Communications aims for global standards and adopt these standards in conducting local public relations and marketing activities.

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Company founder and communications expert, Dr. Clāra Ly-Le, prides herself in getting EloQ’s name out to the world. “The agency has gone through some trying times over the last five years, and is celebrating our fifth anniversary amidst COVID-19. But with the dedication and hard work our employees put in, we have adapted to the situation and are still striving to leverage our expertise day-by-day. Southeast Asia, and Vietnam in particular, has always been viewed as the ‘less-developed area’ of the PR industry. Despite the non-stop efforts to improve service standards, little recognition has been given to PR professionals and the PR industry in this part of the world. We don’t see ourselves as ‘just a local agency’, but our mission is to deliver the best practices while empowering our voices among global peers. In the future, we will continue to carry this mission, and hopefully, more people will have a positive view of Vietnam’s PR industry”, Dr. Ly-Le, Managing Director of EloQ Communications told Vietnam Insider.

To stay up to date with global know-how and connect with PR practitioners from other regions, EloQ Communications actively expands its network and engages with partner agencies across Asia, Europe and America. EloQ Communications is currently a member of the Public Relations and Communications Association Southeast Asia (PRCA SEA), the Southeast Asian branch of the world’s largest PR professional body, and Public Relations Network (PRN), a global collective of creative and dynamic public relations specialists. This strong bond allows EloQ to implement clients’ campaign regional projects, marking its name in the global market.

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According to Vietnam Insider’s research, EloQ Communications started as a subsidiary branch of a regional public relations group, but later become independent and changed its name in 2018. The name ‘EloQ’ is short for ‘Eloquent’, which describes the goal of facilitating strong, clear, and fluent communication between clients and stakeholders. From that moment, EloQ Communications positioned itself as a local agency with a global vision by offering global standards services, from market entry to build and strengthen brand presence, in the Vietnam market. The agency has supported notable clients such as Rakuten Viber, Intel, Grab, Lazada, Hitachi, Duolingo, Booking.com, Nok Air, etc.

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