E-commerce to boost agricultural products’ sale

, E-commerce to boost agricultural products’ sale

In an effort to rescue agricultural products in the epidemic area, many e-commerce platforms have joined the Vietnam E-commerce and Digital Economy Agency – iDEA. In this initiative, e-commerce floors have created links with the retail sector to promptly respond.

On August 7th, subscribers of mobile phone carriers received a message asking people to buy Bac Giang’s lychee. This is an initiative to  promote the development of the rural digital economy and boost the consumption of agricultural products while fighting the epidemic.

Two e-commerce floors assigned the task of are postmart.vn and voso.vn. Farmers were also guided by Voso to create stalls and actively sell products on this platform.

The Central Committee of the HCMC Communist Youth Union, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Central Committee of the Vietnam Women’s Union, and the Central Committee of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union also joined hands.

The programme features four main parts, including a survey of the volume of agricultural products needed to be consumed in provinces and cities, the organisation of sites for selling agricultural products, the implementation of solutions for the online selling of agricultural products, and the organisation of seminars to train farmers in online sales skills.

Mr Dang Hoang Hai, Director of iDEA said: “iDEA is in charge of organizing the connection and coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in creating local and export markets in  e-commerce platforms. This will  connect lychee in Bac Giang to consumers in the 4th wave of Covid-19 to help farmers expand their consumption markets across 63 provinces.”

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In addition to cooperating with the state agencies, e-commerce companies also cooperate with retail distributors to help with purchasing and operation proactively and ensure the quality of agricultural products.

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Tiki cooperated with Central Retail to quickly purchase and distribute Bac Giang lychee during this program. Tiki will distribute approximately 16 tons of lychee this time on Big C (GO!) – Central Retail on TikiNGON. This platform has opened the market in 26 provinces and cities nationwide for lychee.

“This is the first time Tiki cooperates with Central Retail. Both will continue to work with iDEA to implement additional programs to accompany local farmers. The target material areas are Thanh Ha – Hai Duong lychee, Hung Yen longan, Cam Lam mango,” said Ms. Vu Thi Nhat Linh, Deputy General Director of Ecommerce at Tiki.

Tiki recorded a growth rate of 3 times after 1 week implementing social distancing  according to Directive 15 of the Government in HCMC.

Since April, Shopee has worked with Son La Provincial People’s Committee, Trade Promotion Department and Ngon Vietnam company to distribute agricultural products of Son La province such as plum and round mango. Before that, Shopee also coordinated with agricultural cooperatives in Tien Giang province to promote and consume Siamese coconut and green pomelo.

Lazada cooperates with two retail partners Vinmart and Foodmap to open and sell Bac Giang’s Luc Ngan lychee on the floor. It is known that the cooperation will speed up the progress of “Bac Giang province’s lychee consumption promotion online conference program in 2021” according to Lazada’s cooperation agreement signed with iDEA and Bac Giang Department of Industry and Trade.

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Lazada also created Hai Duong province’s store on its platform within the framework of the National Level Program on Trade Promotion. Nearly half a ton of lychee with white eggs sold after only 4 hours of the first day of sale on May 14.

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Mr. James Dong – CEO of Lazada Vietnam and Thailand said: “We worked hard and coordinated with agencies and retail partners to support agricultural production that are experiencing difficulties in the pandemic. This is also Lazada’s long-term strategy to help digitallise their businesses.”

In this coordination, e-commerce platforms also  stimulate demand by boosting algorithms that help push bold promotions for farm productions. Lazada also opens livestreaming programs to introduce products. The adoption of technology will also help farmers comply with regulations on traceability, codes for the plant areas and hygiene and regulations at the packing facility.

During the initiative, 6 major e-commerce platforms in Vietnam, including Postmart, Voso, Tiki, Shopee, Lazada and Sendo all coordinated with iDEA to organize distribution methodically and systematically. This is an activity to implement Directive No. 08/CT-BCT dated May 25, 2021 of the Minister of Industry and Trade on creating favorable conditions in circulation and increasing support for consumption in the domestic market of agricultural products in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic. iDEA was assigned to direct and guide e-commerce companies in the “National Online Vietnamese Store” program, according to iDEA.



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