Due to COVID-19, cleaning services are facing explosive demand. are you ready?

Due to COVID-19, cleaning services are facing explosive demand. are you ready?

Due to COVID-19, cleaning services are facing explosive demand. are you ready?

As the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States continues to increase, so does the direct demand for housekeeping and cleaning services.Only enjoy in one from 2014 to 2019 Moderate growth 1.7% per year, Coronavirus is now causing a 75% peak exist New job vacancies According to data from the online job market ZipRecruiter, March compared with the same period last year.

This demand is especially true for commercial office space—in an increasing number of US cities, shelter-in-place orders or work-from-home corporate policies have exacerbated this challenge. Eventually, these workers will have to return, possibly as early as early April 2020, and expect their offices to be safe.

Even now, thousands of retailers in the United States are seeking cleaning services to disinfect their stores and help alleviate customer fears.Since the outbreak, ServiceChannel reported The demand for facility services has increased dramatically So far, retailers in 2020 include:

  • Luxury retailer – Cleaning and carpet cleaning increased by 84%
  • Large retailer – HVAC air filter cleaning and cleaning services increased by 35%
  • Grocery store – 18% increase in cleaning work
  • Dinning room – Cleaning work increased by an average of 53%, mainly in cleaners and kitchens

Coupled with the sudden and huge demand for cleaner orders Offices related to healthcare (66% increase)Not to mention the immeasurably high demand for residential cleaning services.

The mission of service, not just growth

If you own a cleaning service, cleaning service or facility management company, this is a critical time to take action.Beyond the obvious and unprecedented Growth opportunity, You are on the front lines to help control the global pandemic. How is your business now prepared to meet this demand and its many challenges? The following is a list of key steps and considerations regarding the current and future services you provide.

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1. Hire the right people

Even in the best case, Hiring high-quality cleaners Probably one of the most difficult aspects of your business.The unemployment rate in the cleaning industry is already high 2% historical low According to Indeed Recruitment Lab, the candidate pool is not very large. In addition, these require more skills and may even involve technical personnel licensing requirements. Here are some tips to help improve and speed up the recruitment process:

  • List of jobs suitable for mobile devices. First, you should post easy-to-find vacancies on your website, ideally it should be Optimized for mobile devices, Because about 90% of people use smartphones to search. Google’s indexing algorithm penalizes sites that are not suitable for mobile devices, making them appear much lower in search results. add, Glass door It was found that the number of job seekers suitable for mobile devices can increase by 11.6% compared to job listings not from other employers who are not suitable for mobile devices.
  • Simplified job application. According to Glassdoor, “low-income workers complete job applications at a slower rate and take longer to complete each application.” Using mobile devices can make the situation worse, so they are required to self-report on online forms. Describing their skills and education may deter many applicants. You may want to consider the option of simply attaching your resume.
  • Post to the recruitment website. There are many popular websites such as Monster.com, CareerBuilder.com, JobVite.com, LinkedIn.com and Craigslist. However, many of these sites require employers to pay up to $999 per month.
  • Clean Association. You can also try to post your work on any cleaning association you join (or consider joining), for example:
    • International Social Security Association (World Cleaning Association)
    • association (International Cleaning Service Association)
    • International Institute of Certified Public Accountants (International Cleaning and Restoration Association)
    • NCA (National Cleaners Association)
    • BSCAI (International Association of Construction Service Contractors)
  • Provide incentives. With fierce competition and low number of applicants, you may find it helpful to provide incentives to attract talented people to stand out. For example, you can promote competitive wages, signing bonuses, or longer holiday allowances. Some companies also offer referral bonuses for existing employees.
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2. Buy the best equipment and supplies

Fighting a serious and deadly disease like the Coronavirus requires you not to be stingy with the quality of the tools you use-from disinfectants to application equipment to employees’ personal protective equipment.

  • Use only CDC approved or recommended procedures and EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectants Kill bacteria and inactivate viruses.
  • Strictly follow the currently published OSHA standards Know how to clean, disinfect, and properly dispose of infected materials as biohazard waste.
  • Provide fully sealed personal protective equipment (PPE) approved by OSHA And full-face respirator masks, always worn by certified cleaning technicians.
  • Develop and follow strict demobilization procedures For your equipment, trucks and waste storage areas.
  • Consider high-tech equipmentSome cleaning services have found that the following techniques are effective and time-saving Electrostatic sprayer Use disinfectant or even coat the surface High power UV Kill bacteria and viruses in hard-to-reach areas. Of course, always follow the recommended CDC and EPA guidelines.

“The details of each cleaning are different,” said Global Biological Risk Advisory Committee Jeff Jones, Director of Forensic Operations. “But the basic process depends on three factors: the chemicals applied to the surface, the equipment used to apply them, and whether the personnel are properly trained to follow CDC guidelines.”

3. Start marketing your service

Even in times of high demand, such as after a natural disaster or during a coronavirus crisis, marketing is critical to your business success. Develop a marketing plan and invest in the production of the materials you need to inform customers who need your help and allow them to see and stand out from competitors in your area-especially those that may be cheaper and/or less reputable than your own company customer of.

  • Have a plan. The marketing plan does not need to be extensive. However, such a plan can help you focus your thoughts, effort, and budget to get the greatest results with minimal waste.This is a quick guide How to write a marketing plan for your business.
  • Know what makes you different. Carefully consider your differentiating factors and target market. Do you have the expertise to clean a specific type of workplace, such as a medical institution, school, factory, or residence? Create a clear, strong and consistent company mission statement and “elevator promotion” for your website messages, advertisements, and other marketing assets (brochures, flyers, social media).
  • Create a target list. Do you know which geographic areas you can best serve? What types of buildings do you want to target (medical offices, daycare facilities, retail stores, restaurants, corporate offices, etc.)? Determining this in advance will help you better position your marketing and save money.
  • Get out of the community. There are many traditional methods Build brand awareness And raise awareness of your basic services. Consider installing new signage for your building or service vehicle. Outdoor advertisements (such as billboards or bus shelter advertisements) can also promote your business automatically and continuously. Consider radio or TV commercials to attract more viewers. You may wish to participate in business fairs and local chambers of commerce and social events. Finally, door-to-door sales can be an effective sales strategy for cleaning services.
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Help handle the cash flow you need help

We understand that preparing to meet this need for basic services can sometimes challenge your available cash on hand.If you are a mature cleaner or cleaning service company, Fundbox may be able to help and provide commercial credits.

“Fundbox provides real money in our business account so I can pay my salary while waiting for the check to come in. This is a great savior.”
Kimberly Beckford, OZGLO Cleaning Company Owner

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