Dong Nai is the province with the highest growth rate in the Southeast region

Specifically, the total product in Dong Nai province reached 112,868.5 billion VND, up 7.06% over the same period.

With this result, the GRDP growth rate of Dong Nai has reached the set target (6.5-7%), increased by 7.06% over the same period and reached the highest level among the provinces and cities in the Southeast region. Ministries such as Binh Duong increased by 6.84%; Ho Chi Minh City increased by 3.82%; Tay Ninh increased by 5.2%…

Specifically, services are the highest growth sector with an increase of 8.11%. Followed by industry – construction increased by 7.24%, product tax ranked third with an increase of 6.22%. The agriculture, forestry and fishery sectors increased by 4.19%.

Export turnover of the province in the first 6 months of the year reached more than 13.2 billion USD and increased 13% over the same period. In the opposite direction, import turnover in 6 months reached over 10 billion USD. Thus, in the first 6 months of the year, Dong Nai had a trade surplus of more than 3.15 billion USD, an average trade surplus of 500 million USD per month.

Regarding investment attraction, the total newly registered capital and projects to increase foreign direct investment (FDI) by mid-June reached nearly 322 million USD, equaling 35.86% over the same period; adjusted to increase capital for 34 projects with additional capital of 222.45 million USD, equaling 45.5% of the same period.

According to Dong Nai Statistics Department, the reason for the province’s economic growth is that the epidemic situation is basically under control, production and business gradually recover; favorable export market, export contracts increased significantly; demand for goods from the domestic market stimulates the production and supply of goods to develop.

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However, despite the recovery of business and production, the local socio-economic situation in general still faces many difficulties due to the influence of the epidemic situation in the world, political instability, conflicts, etc. The Russia-Ukraine conflict has caused the price of petroleum products to continuously increase, leading to scarcity of input materials for production industries, high prices, and disruptions in the supply chain of goods.

According to Mr. Cao Tien Dung – Chairman of the People’s Committee of Dong Nai province, the province always accompanies businesses, promptly removing difficulties and obstacles for enterprises to restore production and business effectively. Therefore, despite the unstable world economic situation, Dong Nai is still a place where businesses trust to pour capital into investment and production development to anticipate major projects of the province, region and country.

Source: CafeF

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