Dog Breeds: Jack Russell Terrier Characteristics and Diet

Well-known for being one of the most friendly, lively, and happy dogs around, Jack Russell Terriers are also extremely intelligent and athletic. Originally working dogs, they take their name from Reverend John Russell who used them as baying terriers to hunt foxes in England. Although they are more commonly found in homes nowadays, Jack Russell Terriers still have a hunting instinct.

In terms of size and weight, they are small and muscular, around 1-15 inches long and weighing around 13-17 pounds. However, don’t let their miniature size fool you – they more than makeup for it in terms of liveliness and personality.

In this article, we’ll look at the diet, key characteristics, and habits of the loving Jack Russell Terrier, and find out why they are so many people’s breed of choice. This website tells you 50 more of America’s favorite dog breeds.

Jack Russell Terrier Diet

Primarily, Jack Russell Terriers need a high proportion of dry kibble, alongside meat (poultry/ beef) or fish. When purchasing dog food, look out for high-quality ingredients without chemicals. Additionally, because they are smaller dogs, they have trouble digesting grains such as wheat or corn, so try to avoid these ingredients where you can.

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Jack Russell Terriers can become overweight. Many have a big appetite for their comparatively small bodies. So, when feeding your pup, make sure to give them 3 regular meals with controlled portion sizes. Even better, try hiding food around your house to make it into a fun game that your Terrier will love!

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Jack Russell Terrier Key Characteristics

, Dog Breeds: Jack Russell Terrier Characteristics and Diet

, Dog Breeds: Jack Russell Terrier Characteristics and Diet

As mentioned above, Jack Russell terriers are very lively and full of energy, making them a lot of fun to have around. They are friendly and love having people around to play with. They also adore working and digging. Some people say that Jack Russell Terriers think of themselves as big dogs, in small dogs’ bodies, and they can be extremely assertive.

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However, they are not for everyone. If you are a first-time dog owner, a Jack Russell terrier might not be the best choice, as they can be very difficult to train. That hunting instinct is what makes them such wonderful dogs, but this means they have a constant urge to explore, dig, and roam around. Perfect if you are active yourself, with lots of dog experience – but if you lead more of a sedate lifestyle, there are probably other better-suited dogs.

They can also be very noisy, and this is perhaps what this dog breed is best known for! While some of this barking can be trained out, it is in their nature, so it’s worth considering when you are choosing the right dog for you and your household. This can be overwhelming for young children, under 6 in particular.

The noisy bark is a key characteristic of the Jack Russell terrier, and if you prefer a quieter canine, a breed like a Bulldog, Greyhound or Newfoundland would be perfect for you. Read more about different dog breeds and the best way to look after them:

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Jack Russell terriers need lots of exercises, so they are best suited to either people with a large backyard or outdoor space or who live close to a park. They can get grumpy inside all day so regular strenuous exercise is extremely important for this small breed. They love a game of fetch, so be prepared for plenty of games in the fresh air.

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It is also worth noting that if you have other pets around, like cats, hamsters, or guinea pigs, Jack Russells might see them as prey. That is not to say that they definitely won’t get along, especially if you can train the puppy, but you do need to consider the possibility.

How to Train a Jack Russell

Jack Russell Terriers are a unique dog breed and as such, may require a lot of training. If you are prepared to take on the ‘active’ challenge, here are some top tips to train a new dog:

Start training as soon as possible, regardless of whether they are a puppy or older. This includes basic commands such as ‘wait’ and ‘sit’. It also includes setting boundaries like where they should sleep, and whether they can climb onto the couch. They are quick learners and extremely clever, so whatever their age they should pick up commands fairly easily.

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Make sure they socialize with other dogs. The interaction will help them learn how to play around other dogs of all different sizes. Do also make sure they aren’t showing alpha behaviour, especially when they are around much bigger dog breeds.

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Give them plenty of exercises, and keep them stimulated. When Jack Russell Terriers get bored they become agitated and can start acting out. By making sure they are kept occupied, with toys, fun, and affection from their owners, you will be able to train them effectively.

Finally, be consistent with your training! Be confident, stick to your rules, and don’t let your Jack Russell Terrier get their way, as much as they might like to. Constant discipline may help you control their bark and assertive nature.

Jack Russell terriers are just one of the thousands of dog breeds, and every breed needs unique food and treatment. Whichever dog breed you are looking for, make sure you have done your research and you know how to look after them efficiently.

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