Do you Carry Visible Scars-Here is how to Beautify them with the right Tattooing Techniques: Strategies, Planning, and Designs!

No judgment here! It is great to be able to carry your scars with chest-thumping pride. Yet, at times, you might want to cover them up with, say, Tattoos. Yes, tattoos are good. They look great and are, in a way, similar to scars.

Getting tattoos designed over your scars might sound straightforward only when it isn’t. While the process itself, or rather the final design, might exactly be what you wanted, tattooing over blemishes does require massive forethought.

Throughout this discussion, expect us to cover every aspect of tattooing over a scar—including talks regarding patience, steps to follow, choice of the artist, choice of tattoo, pain-specific expectations, and also the exclusive aftercare regime. So without wasting any more time, let’s dig deep into the basics.

Prepare Yourself, Well in Advance

The first step to getting any kind of tattoo is preparation. And the step becomes all the more vital if you plan on doing it on an existing scar. A good process here would be to start with a few dermatological consultations followed by visits to the tattoo artists, just to check on the ink and machines they use.

You also need to understand that a scar, in general, takes close to 6-months to heal. Thus, if you have one, give it time to heal before you subject it to something as demanding as a tattoo.

Gianna Caranfa, one of the leading globally recognized tattoo artists, believes that it is good to give a cut at least a year to heal before planning a tattoo around it.

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