Discovering Hanoi’s Culinary Gems Within 3km of My Dinh Stadium During Born Pink concert


Here are some suggestions for Blink and visitor to recharge their energy before attending the Born Pink concert at the end of July.

The Blackpink concert in Hanoi has fans buzzing with excitement as they arrange their schedules, belongings, and hotel accommodations in preparation for the trip. In addition to finding suitable lodging, dining is also a crucial matter. After making the effort to come here, surely everyone wants to indulge in the most exquisite dishes of Hanoi’s cuisine.

You can find pho and bun cha in all three regions, but Hanoi’s versions have their own unique charm. Typically, tourists would have to head to the old town to enjoy these dishes. However, if traveling more than 10km is not convenient, you can also try them at shops within a radius of less than 5km from My Dinh Stadium.


Lê Hùng 2 - Phở Bò, Lẩu & Cơm Rang ở Hà Nội | Foody.vnLê Hùng 2 - Phở Bò, Lẩu & Cơm Rang ở Hà Nội | Foody.vnLe Hung beef Phở

The shop is not too large but clean, pho broth is suitable for people with stronger taste. Although the price here is higher than the common ground, the bowl of pho is big and full. The best here is beef noodle soup and the owner styled it with lots of onions. If anyone wants to eat more onions, they can ask for more comfort, but those who can’t eat onions should be careful from the time of ordering.

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In addition, this is also a favorite address of Vietnamese players whenever the team gathers at the Football Center.

Hieu beef Phở

This pho restaurant is located at the foot of an apartment building, the space is spacious and airy, with a clear price list for each type. There is also a car park, but it is not possible to park too much because it is an urban area.

Bản Phở restaurant

Not comparable to Nguyet or Cham chicken noodle soup, but Pho Ban is also famous in Hanoi. The type to try here is the chicken noodle soup, with a rich broth, fresh and delicious chicken. However, despite being known for its characteristically tight chicken noodle soup, whether the chicken pieces are sliced, chopped or shredded will depend on the vendor that day.

Bún ( foods with vermicelli )

Cách làm Bún chả Hà Nội | Công thức nấu ăn tại nhà

Cách làm Bún chả Hà Nội | Công thức nấu ăn tại nhà

Bún Chả Gánh

This bun cha shop is very popular with office workers in My Dinh area. On weekdays, the restaurant mainly serves takeout orders. But if guests want to come to the restaurant to eat and drink, it is also possible because although the space is not very large, there are tables and chairs, cool air conditioning and parking space. Coming here, diners have many choices from bun cha with meat pieces, minced meat, fried spring rolls, or can order a mixed bun cha.

Thu Hà Bún Chả Hàng Mành

Open to serve all 3 meals a day, the shop is often in a crowded state, but the owner here is always welcoming and pleasing to the diners. The restaurant’s crab spring rolls are made with a moderate size, but not boring. However, the fish sauce part is only rated at a good level, and the grilled meat here is suitable for those who prefer to eat leaner meat.

Bún Chả, Bánh Cuốn ( roll cakes) Quang Anh

In addition to bun cha, the shop also sells rolls and chicken. Both bun cha and banh cuon use the same dipping sauce. Banh cuon is hand-coated every time a customer orders it and there are banh cuon filled with meat and onions. As for bun cha, the restaurant serves it with cinnamon rolls and grilled rolls.

Bún đậu mẹt Bom Bốp ( vermicelli dish with special Vietnamese’s shrimp paste)

Source: Phu nu Viet Nam

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