Discover How Many Americans Play Games Every Day

, Discover How Many Americans Play Games Every Day


Why Do So Many Americans Game Daily?

The hobby of gaming has come on in leaps and bounds in the past ten to fifteen years. There was a time when gaming was seen as a niche activity that would not become a worldwide phenomenon.

Nowadays, you would have difficulty finding someone who does not play games in one form or another. Some people buy lottery tickets with the dream of winning the $100 million awarded in jackpots, while others play games on their smartphones, tablets, computers, or gaming consoles.

There is no one specific profile that represents a gamer in 2023, as individuals from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles enjoy different types of games. The question of the number of individuals in America who play games daily can be explored.

The answer may surprise you, as more Americans are avid gamers than people realize. Below is our breakdown of how many Americans game daily and why they are so passionate about it.

Americans Are Always Gaming

If you regularly ride the bus or train to work, you likely see many people using their phones on your commute. There is a good chance that most of those people are playing video games for at least part of the time they are using their devices on public transit.

A recent study in late 2022 showed that around two-thirds of Americans, equating to more than 215 million individuals, play games daily. Such a number may seem staggering to those who still view gaming as a hobby of young people.

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Even though there is a misconception that gamers are in their 20s or younger, the study showed that around three-fourths of those players are over 18. Most gamers are not young but are adults who hold down jobs and have families.

According to an Entertainment Software Association report, the average age of a video gamer in the United States in 2023 is 33. Such figures show that gaming is not only about young people having fun in front of their phone or computer, but the average person unwinding from their everyday life.

What Games Do Americans Love?

Given the many gaming experiences available these days, finding a single game dominating Americans’ attention is difficult. What studies have shown is that mobile gaming is hugely popular, as nearly everyone has a modern smartphone these days.

When you have a phone with an internet connection, all you need to do is visit an App Store, and you can start downloading games. Most mobile games are free to play, as they include ads to make money. You can start playing within seconds of downloading a title, leading to mobile gaming being the easiest hobby to take up.

Despite mobile gaming leading the way, consoles are not far behind either. Every year, devices such as the Xbox and PlayStation sell in huge numbers in the United States, while the Nintendo Switch is a smash hit given its portability.

, Discover How Many Americans Play Games Every Day

, Discover How Many Americans Play Games Every Day The dance of luckThe dance of luck

Playing to Win

Not everyone plays games solely intending to have fun. They may be playing because they want to win against an online opponent or to earn money through their hobby.

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Casino games are hugely popular in the United States, with slots and the lottery being up there as the most appealing. Hundreds of millions of Americans buy lottery tickets yearly, especially as they read or hear about a jackpot going higher than $500 million. When the jackpot for a lottery such as Mega Millions reaches such sums, everyone buys tickets, even if they do not normally play the lottery.

Other competitive games that Americans enjoy playing include multiplayer titles on smartphones and gaming consoles. Titles such as Pokemon Go, PUBG, Fortnite, Madden, and Counter-Strike are very popular. Such games are usually played by more avid gamers, as they involve a lot of time and effort.

The Future of Gaming is Virtual Reality

A new form of gaming is taking shape in the United States and worldwide. While most American gamers currently play on their smartphones, they may soon be playing on virtual reality or augmented reality headsets.

There are already popular VR headsets in the United States, such as the Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro. Other companies are following suit by entering this industry, with technology giant Apple said to be developing its own AR and VR headset.

What we already know is that the majority of Americans play games at least once daily. That is a significant part of the reason companies are prepared to invest billions in developing the next generation of games.

, Discover How Many Americans Play Games Every Day

, Discover How Many Americans Play Games Every Day


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