Developing your professional network in Ho Chi Minh

Developing your professional network in Ho Chi Minh City

Although it may initially feel as though the majority of the expats living and working within Ho Chi Minh City are English as a Second Language teachers (ESL), thats certainly not the case. There are an incredible amount of professionals from various backgrounds located within Saigon, and with that comes the opportunity for business growth.

While there might not be a steady stream of networking events on a nightly basis, entrepreneurs, industry professionals and those looking to learn more can attend some exciting events at least once a month. In addition to this, those who own start-ups will love to find that unique markets pop up at least twice a month in town, which is a prime opportunity to showcase new businesses. And last, freelancers won’t have to feel as though they’re stuck with their own company day in and day out – there’s an incredible coworking space in Ho Chi Minh City which is designed for professionals to expand their network.

Connect with like-minded people at events

Expats who are looking to expand their portfolio or swap connections with others in town can do so by attending workshops or networking events throughout the city. Some start-ups have been known to host free portfolio nights or happy hour events; larger companies generally host paid or sponsored events at hotels or convention centres. Check out websites like Eventbrite to see what’s available for networking events.

Browse LinkedIn

While this may not be the most social option of the three, it is certainly one way to develop one’s business prospects. Just like anywhere else in the world, Vietnamese professionals also looking to expand their connections scour LinkedIn throughout the day to find individuals working within a similar business realm. By doing so as well, expats might be able to find others who are willing to collaborate on projects or may open doors that they might not have otherwise been aware of.

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Visit coworking spaces

Ho Chi Minh City is a freelancers’ dream, as well. As the concept of ‘digital nomadism’ continues to pick up traction, and more people are choosing to work for themselves, the demand for coworking spaces is in full force. There are quite a few of these centres throughout Saigon; two of the most popular ones are The Hive Saigon, in District 2’s Thao Dien neighbourhood, and Co-Space, also in the area. Writers, photographers and designers are the primary renters in these establishments. Freelancers have the option of renting a space on a daily, weekly or monthly basis; this is an awesome chance to get to know other professionals also living in Ho Chi Minh City and build upon your skills together.

The concept of professional networking is relatively new in Ho Chi Minh City, so it’s more than likely that more events will continue to pop up as the future unfolds. Expats moving here can keep track of industry trends and ongoings by staying up to pace by closely following the aforementioned websites as well as Vietnam Business TV and Saigon Networking Events.

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